Bitcoin Pre-Halving Dump Explained! What's next?

The Bitcoin price dumped shortly before the third Bitcoin Halving in May 2020. Was this the long anticipated Pre-Halving dump already or is there more to come?


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  2. Pre-halving dump: market pricing-in the reduced attractiveness of future mining, coupled with the reality that the fiat system is still working, and there is NO hyperinflationary event coming just yet, which means BTC will not become a widely accepted, functional currency anytime soon.
    That = money redirected elsewhere.

    Without hyperinflation in the fiat system, BTC will NEVER stay above the marginal cost of production for long. It may shoot up to mania levels, but will always correct back down to the production cost after rationality sets in.

  3. I think the reason why this halving is different is because for the first time, it puts the cost (in electricity) of mining new Bitcoins out of the reach of most miners. The supply of new Bitcoins has been coming down for a while now anyway, and it's going to reduce significantly now.
    So simple supply/demand forces are going to play a more significant role in the price action in my opinion, compared with the influences of the speculators and manipulators.
    Anyway, that's why I'm long now, at 8500.

  4. Price will go down further to 6500~7000 this month before bouncing back at 8000-ish in June. At least from technical data: RSI, total coinmarket cap, previous halving… BUT knowing this I still HODL and will only buy more ahahaha 4 months from now it will start it's new hike cycle

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  6. Just dollar cost average and quit listening to these clowns you’ll thank me later. Tip buy less of your dca when these youtubers make moon videos buy more dca when ppl hate it it’s very simple..

  7. In my comments 5 days ago I mentioned this dump. More people were selling at around 10.000. Not one entity. Like i said …..i talk a lot with bitcoin traders en investors, last month the only thing people were thinking about……was selling at around 10000 and buying back cheaper. There were more people i spoke to who gambled with a part of their hodl portfolio. Just to buy back cheaper. Fundamental analysis en sentiment is much more important than TA. Guys……listen to the average hobby trader…listen to what the say and you can profit from that info. Maybe its easier for me because i have acces to the opinions a lot of btc traders

  8. Things have changed! Now it’s exchanges dumping lots of BTC.
    And… Bitcoin shouldn’t be only an asset to speculate on. It must become money for the people. We need more adaption and less speculation! Why are you trying so hard to get people into trading platforms? Greed?

  9. Great content sunny decree! Got rektd last night for longing @9600 and get liquidated @8500, we should’ve anticipate for another dump during post-halving.. Btw may I knw what’s the website you’re using at the end of this vd ?

  10. I was shocked it dropped so quick but like u say I think it was a planned drop by certain few because it went straight back up. But a good little buy in window (I missed it)

  11. It didn't "tank", it dropped 15% because a whale sold $40M worth of BTC in under 5 minutes attempting to trigger a long squeeze and induce panic selling. The only question was wether this was BitMEX's investment for $200M gained in liquidated long positions or Coinbase doing Brian Brooks a solid to delay Bitcoin's bull run as much as possible while the US Government readies it's "digital dollar" (i.e. USDC) for UBI (a.k.a "stimulus"). It bounced off of $8100 because there's now a confluence of the 50, 100, and 200 MA at this level so there's VERY LITTLE chance it can drop below this. The weak hands have been shaken out but the big question is were you smart and did you buy the dip?

  12. Now he’s back peddling
    All Youtubers just try to ride the wave trying to sound like they know what they’re on about so they can say I told you so but really it’s all just hit and miss guessing
    I bought at 3.5k so I’m good either way

  13. How is it that a peer-to-peer currency isn't being exchanged peer-to-peer? I don't want to use exchanges, are there no one who wants to sell privately. No trustworthy folk?

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