Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

Bitcoin price is set to rise in 2020. Let’s take a look at both the technicals on chart and on chain activity to see how those holding Bitcoin for longer than a year …


  1. Do you see the next bull run as different from the others bc of institutional money, bc the distant future gains of next halvenings in the stock to flow model begin to be priced in, bc of the state of the world and money printing? Do you see a pull back from the next bull run therefore not being as great as 80% for these reasons? Bc perhaps BTC has become a more stable, prized asset? Thank you. I am listening closely to your valuable channel and have subscribed and dinged the bell. Great stuff!

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  3. Looks like your going to hit it right in the button my friend. About a week ago bitcoin it started to break out and it’s going to keep going in my opinion! As long as this recession keeps up and all this stimulus being pumped out bitcoin will skyrocket. My professional and personal opinion I think we will be well over 15k by the end of 2020

  4. Thank you, Jordan. Your analysis reaffirms my Bitcoin position. There are no guarantees in trading but understanding historical price action is positioning oneself the most favorably. Thanks for the education. I’m doing all the “liking” and sharing I can when it comes to your channel. You do a great job.😀

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  6. I'm thinking about putting $1000 into bitcoin and see where it goes…might wait till september to throw in. Lot of investors have high number predictions in the next few years so I'm thinking it would be a decent investment.

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  8. Accumulated some more at 8900 and 9000. In for the long haul though, not really swing trading it. I've been learning Solidity for Ethereum networks. I can see why Central Banks including the Fed is talking about using it.

  9. Jordan, I still want to genuinely understand, why BTC will go up like many think? I truly want to understand why BTC? The guru's of crypto say it's a slow proof, it is not a particularly good fiat. Why any crypto, that governments will likely circumvent in the future to create their own version?

  10. I love all that you put forward but i still cannot come around to your side of the table. Im going to stay on the Peter Schiff side of the table for now… I’d expect bitcoin to outperform gold right now if it was the better alternative

  11. Thank you. Will you be buying and holding during the bull market or will you you be actively trading? If you will be trading which exchange would you use?

  12. Its going to be pretty hard to predict the top of this bull cycle given that this time around it will be institutional investors FOMOing into the market. The top could be insane (and the bear market that follows equally as insane).

  13. Thanks for the video Jordan, and thanks again for all you do!

    Regarding GBTC, I noticed that during the all time high of BTC, GBTC had a 100% premium, which means if you were only holding GBDC instead of Bitcoin, and you managed to sell near the top, you had the possibility of making twice as much money, if you bought at a fairly low premium. The FOMO and excitement can drive that premium up at the same time that it's driving the price of BTC up.

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