1. PLEASE WHO CAN HELP? I made a transaction of buying bitcoin with a debit card from blockchain wallet, I bought 300 GBP (pounds) 4 times and then I wasn’t able to buy anymore…I tried Accessing the bitcoin but I couldn’t because it was showing in the trading wallet instead of the normal bitcoin wallet….please how do I rectify this or change it back to normal bitcoin?

  2. Never bet against a technological revolution that can (in theory) cost a lot of rich and powerful people a lot of money and power – because that is what they want you to do

  3. people in the third world do not need to run a full node and have fast internet to transact. Having internet at all is a luxury in the third world but for people living in cities it is possible to "bank the unbanked" if done properly.

  4. 1. Bitcoin lightning solves the scalability issue by allowing off-chain transaction which will reduce the load on the network. It can make it easily possible to have thousands of transactions per second, and pay next to nothing in fees
    2. You don't need to download the entire blockchain to use bitcoin, you only need access to the utxo set and even then you don't need to download the utxo set.
    3. Use a hierarchal deterministic wallet that encrypts your details. This way you don't need to store a single private key on your computer. You can also keep a small amount of bitcoin in a wallet you spend with and keep the rest in a paper wallet or hardware wallet.
    4. You do not pay money to private keys, you send it to the persons public key (technically the address which is a hash of your public key) which then enables them to spend it with that public key's corresponding private key.
    5. Lightning will solve the problem of slow transactions
    6. You can use escrow services like bitPay to ensure that people won't scam you. Secondly, it is perfectly easy to keep your private keys to yourself as I mentioned earlier.
    7. Mining will always be around as they collect transaction fees. Of course, transaction fees may go up as the block reward decreases, but that isn't a problem with lightning, as the only fee you would pay is to close a payment channel

  5. This worlds now compatitavie anything…BTC is King.. This one Going anywhere.. Last day 11 year birthday..Alt's helps Daily volume..blockchain is next revolutionary product..no worries about my future.. Because problems are everywhere..

  6. The thing with Bitcoin is that it has no single point of failure, it's unconfiscatable and it's the best form of money we have now. All those other things will be improved on the network with time.
    Time will tell how this goes.

  7. A bunch of people around the world showing total devotion toward something and still has mysterious origins since we still don't know who founded it. With that said, Bitcoin is just a digital version of a cult.

  8. Such shameless FUD. His points are easily dismissible. How convenient there wasn't a 2nd person sitting there to counter his issues, one by one. He needs to be alone to make a video so an uninformed audience can be dupped into thinking this guy warrants respect.

  9. Mobile money is safe and secure since as long as you have your phone SIM card you are safe. I have used it for the last 10 years (from Kenya) and the only way, I've seen that attackers can get to your money is either by swapping your SIM or rob you physically and access it.

  10. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the updated version of Bitcoin, addresses all of these problems. It allows for near instant (0 confirmation) transactions, 1 million+ transactions/day, and lightweight mobile wallets.

  11. Immutability is a key strength of Bitcoin, not a weakness. It is like digital gold now but scaling solutions will become highly developed and make it more of an everyday payment network for smaller transactions. New blockchains will soon have no credibility because all the incumbent mining infrastructure of existing chains will double spend and new competing chains. There is a tiny amount of digital real estate left that'll have the required decentralization to have integrity. BTC, LTC, ETC have the most integrity

  12. can someone poke a hole in this. Hoarding…once there are no more bitcoin to mine won't hoarding become a huge problem? I know they can be infinitely divided but again if a lot of people are hoarding …which won't they since no one currently accepts bitcoin at the grocery store, for rent etc. So then what? it deflates and we need less and less to buy things? that doesn't sound great when you consider the hoarders will always become more wealthy?

    anyone know?

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