1. Great video! Really like it because it gives a more in-depth understanding on how Bitcoin works. Any plan to make another one with the send payment function?

  2. If lot of people will use this metod to create brain private key, there is more posibility that we could create identical private keys. What you think about this?

  3. Ivan, Thanks for your videos. You have one of my favourite formats and I love the technical videos. I used your video to open lightning channel and now ive got pycharm and everything going and taking a course on learning programming and web development. Thanks for the inspiration, I will take all the tips you've got to learn programming. You tha man!

  4. I'm a complete noob and couldn't figure out where to install the bitcoin package (it's just blank in the video). When I followed the instructions and went to settings it took me to appearance, so I figured it was probably some undercategory that Ivan has as default, but there's a lot of places that has green crosses on the right. You have to go to the undercategory "Project", and then "Project Interpreter". There you can click the green cross and install "bitcoin". Hope this helps!

  5. Don’t you think a block size of 100MB, 200MB or even 300MB can fix the issue of scalability? I wonder why not this approach? Sorry if my questions sounds a bit dumb. Thank you for your answer

  6. I am posting the following on several pages I like – I am wondering if others are sharing similar thoughts and concerns:

    I am getting more than a bit worried about the crypto space. There seems to be endless scams, hacks, lies and vapor ware. There are continuous promises of all these wonderful things right around the corner but not much whatsoever in the present.

    I am a holder of bitcoin and I have invested in several alt coins after researching many. Finding anything good is like the old needle in the haystack – no matter how many spammers tell me "to the moon" …

    Of course, any post (like this) will get the usual crypto cultists putting their hands over their ears and shouting "fud" – but any reasonable person can see a lot of this is pure BS and greed (meanwhile these cultists preach this holier than thou change the world mantra while completely ignoring the rampant greed in their chosen space).

    I honestly wouldn't care so much and I would simply say fools and their money are parted, but I do believe in Bitcoin and a few of the alt coins and the potential of some of it, but we all have to be realistic.

    Anyone with any criticism – no matter if it's valid – is treated like a traitor and that is absurd. Just look at the little war that is broken out between BTC and BCH – it's a childish and endless trading of the same old insults. Very akin to politics – very few change their mind, they simply repeat their stance over and over while the other side does the same (typically neither side is completely correct in these types of situations).

  7. hi Ivan, can you do a zk-snarks intro video? a lot of videos out there just do hand waving explainations and we need a really good one from you.

  8. Thank you Ivan, this is fantastic. I love your coding tutorials. Could you please do a tutorial about forking bitcoinj and creating our own mobile wallet?

  9. I'm curious about generating the private keys using a passphrase.
    What would happen if I randomly chose a passphrase that someone else has already used? e.g. If I just happened to choose "what is going on" as my passphrase.
    How would I even know that is already in use? Is there a way to check?

  10. Great Video. I am a great fan of yours. Keep on doing those videos. I wanted to start code for some years but I never knew where to start and what I should do with it. You got me started. Thank you. See you tomorrow for Good Morning Crypto.

  11. Hey Ivan, I got to know about you through the "Shortcut" magazine here in sverige. I know almost nothing about cyptocurrency but i would like to know more about it. I am not a programmer either although i have worked with it at a very basic level. Could you link me to some of your videos where you go through the basics of how cryptocurrency works? Thank you in advance.

  12. I have been watching your videos since December 2017. Before I spent about two weeks filtering the nothingness from something. I even watched JR Business for two days (embarrasing!). I have to say the information you provide for the Crypto ecosystem is extraordinary and you are reaching out to lots of people like me that do not have technical knowledge. Thank you From the Republic of Ireland.

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