1. Pretty damn impressive explanations. Thanks you for that. One question I received my BSV on my coinbase from my BSC account, where can I find my ABC that dropped

  2. So, who else is in a mindset that BitcoinSV is now what bitcoin was in 2008/2009 but better? More scaleable and more promising to gift to the world, a replacement for the dollar. A true currency able to be used by a multiple billion+ people.

  3. Thank you for this detailed, rational explanation. Until I found this video, all I could find were thin explanations or rantings about Craig Wright and how stupid the whole thing is.

  4. hi,i friend of mine payd 2.2 bitcoin and ledger or blockchain charged him 1.45 b of fee,how did that happen,i look t it up on all the internet and never seen someone pey such a big fee to send out 2btc

  5. Going deep into the technical/academic aspect, then skimming over the mind-numbingly boring "boatload of drama" without going into toxic gossip specifics. As it should be. Finally, a quick and unworried mention of the marginal and temporary impact on the BTC blockchain itself.
    5 out of 5 stars, would watch again.

  6. andreas you are most credible and mature person in whole of crypto ecosystem. does bitcoin work on ponzi scheme ? certainly it does. thats why most ppl with common sense staying out of it.by the way iam not person with common sense and ill hodl till btter end

  7. Im back to the side of the market wich decides to be a store of value because i don't need this hashwar. Im mining from my laptop and i have 60 to 80 H/s of this new bitcoin sovereignty

  8. Bcash is doomed, along with all it's forks. Fake Satoshi doesn't believe in decentralization and Bitcoin Antichrist RV only cares about creating a new faster digital currency to be used as merely as an electronic payment system. He doesn't care about network security or store of value. It was the real Satoshi himself that locked the blocksize to begin with in order to secure the network from DOS/SPAM attacks focused on Malleability bugs. But RV refuses to even acknowledge that it's happening, yet that is what both groups are essentially attempting to do to each other now. It is clear that these are the same people that have been attacking the Bitcoin network in order to sabotage Bitcoin transaction costs and speeds.

  9. I just want to take a minute to say thank you for an unbiased informative explanation. If the rest of the crypto community had the maturity level you possess, we would be so far ahead in the mainstream adoption phase instead of bickering among ourselves.

  10. This hardfork IS Not a technical Thing, IT IS a Moral failure for all Crypto people, including Mr. Andreas… No Innovation, Nobody uses these private Money chains…

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