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  8. love the videos, keep it up! im a huge believer in bitcoin but I don't believe in this thesis with all this QE infinity , a rising tide lifts all boats ! markets will go up, homes will go up, bitcoin will go up and the cost of most goods and services will go up. hopefully hourly wages follow. when the market sells off more then likely bitcoin will sell off just like it followed the market down in February. bitcoin hasn't really been seen as a safe haven asset in the past I don't know if that will change any time soon, imo . anyway like I said great vids and keep it up.

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  10. Hey mate what do you think of the chinese crypto that is going to be released. Will chinese and hk investors who want out of communism feel safe enough to use it or will bitcoin always rein the supreme hedge

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  12. This info doesn't take into account the real market mechanisms. Its off the mark. Sorry jebb. Look up Venezuela stock market index…..while their economy crashed. It went up 10x in a year or so. The stock market price is and has been correlated to the money supply and it protects investors while it fleeces poor

  13. This dump just destroyed my life and I am sick of this government destroying my life while they live like kings and queens. Fuck this I am done. Tomorrow I take back what’s mine.

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