Bitcoin Re-accumulation Phase?

Bitcoin seems to potentially be repeating a pattern that played out before, but this time a bit more compressed. Will BTC stay on the same compressed schedule …


  1. Hi, can anyone help me understand something please! Once the last bitcoin is produced, how can btc blockchain continue to grow and produce value? My understanding is btc is only a token produced after validating transactions… meaning that it’s real value is in those transactions that are the real asset free of any control by any third parties (gov, banks…) not the token (itself). So if no more transactions can be validated to produce more btcs, how can it continue to grow and produce/have value?

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  3. Microstrategy, Grayscale and the ex head of Prudential into Bitcoin and Crypto. ⛱

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track ..🏄🏻‍♂️

  4. Ben I genuinely admire and follow your insights but im begging you to zoom in closer to the areas you focus on. I watch on my phone in bed and its basically impossible to see any detail. The right 20% of your screen contains no new info. Otherwise tho GREAT stuff.

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  6. 4 more weeks of price ranging between 10.7-12k, will see the April prices drop out of the 20 week MA and a 20 week MA price around 10.8k. So price test the 20W MA around 25 Sep and then move up as it has in previous uptrends.
    Thanks for the price analysis Ben.

  7. i just need BTC to pump to 12K+ and dump down in few more times… i will be very happy… if this would to happen a few more times, i think i can make lots of money..

  8. Been enjoying your content for a while, and with this recent bull run, I finally signed up for the premium membership. Glad I got to slip in before pricing increased. Can't wait to see what the membership comes with. Cheers!

  9. great application of the math patterns. your voice sounds better in low volume, so a slight reduction of mike sensitivity/amplification would be fine…

  10. If you take take the time from the beginning of the fractal until the present time, it's closer to 41% of the time from last time. So, based on that rate of progression, I expect the bottom to be in 4-5 days and the uptrend over 12k to happen around 9/5.

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