Bitcoin Risk Analysis – Have a plan!

We discuss the risk metric of Bitcoin in this video, which accounts for diminishing returns and lengthening cycles. Make sure to have a plan, and don’t rely on …


  1. 50 bucks a month dammmmnnnnnn. What happened to the Netflix philosophy of 10.00 a month to get more people. You scare a ton of people away to pay 50 a month

  2. The cream rises to the top. Eventually, there will be only two crypto channels that anyone will even bother watching as the rest will prove themselves to be entirely useless… This is one of them. Kudos!

  3. Great video! I appreciate the mathematical approach to your crypto videos. I have a few questions:
    1. This chart is available to those who purchase your premium level. Is that a monthly commitment to receive the most up-to-date chart? Or can I purchase the monthly premium level for an X amount of time and still have access to the chart if I cancel my membership?
    2. Just to confirm, this risk chart is also available for ETH?
    3. Do you have a chart designed for any other alts? i.e. LINK or Tezos.
    Thanks again.

  4. Really enjoy and appreciate all your rational thinking and explanation of it all in a clear way. You really stand out between all other crypto channel mainly based on hype

  5. I just hope we can dump all hard enough for that safe entry the SEC would like to see for institutions.
    The Chinese miners would also like us dumping hard with them to make sure world-wide they can keep in business as they rest all exit.

  6. I think you are 100% correct under normal circumstances, but because of the coming/current financial situation, just one govt announcement and subsequent official crypto usage, all bets are off.
    This certainly could happen later than sooner, but who knows.
    Ps. You stand out. Cheers.

  7. The case for lengthening cycles 😉 I’m still skeptical cause I link the jumps in price previously to the 4-year halvings. Curren cycle is on same track for a 4 year cycle.

  8. This is the best analysis and strategy I have ever seen. This isn’t bullshit TA this is building models very similar to what we do in Finance. Very well done Benjamin. This will make me a million dollars.

  9. Hi Benjamin, Great content as always. Do you know if Trading View has similar chart? I like your work but $300 a month is way too much for me. Good point about $BTC 100% correct! BITCOIN IS KING Alts were made for people to make more BTC. But again, way off the mark with the next BTC ATH estimate, 2021 by the latest, this year we will break 20k easily. Do not be surprised to see $100k within 12 months from now.

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