1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    00:00 Introduction

    00:57 Risk levels explained

    01:43 Modification of risk levels with new proprietary equation

    03:12 Old risk indicator vs new risk indicator

    05:07 How do we apply the new risk indicator in our DCA

    05:33 Agressive dynamic DCA investor

    06:37 Buy regions and sell regions

    06:55 How to determine what X or Y is?

    10:01 Objective of this channel

    10:22 Explanation of the asset buy/sell allocation structure

    11:46 Unit of X should be in USD

    11:57 Unit of Y should be in BTC

    12:28 How to figure what X is?

    15:20 How to figure what Y is?

    17:10 Example of this dynamic DCA in play

    20:53 The key question to this strategy (What is your X?)

    23:08 Current market cycle to potentially peak in 2022

    23:56 Possibility of smaller pumps in the future

    25:59 Take your emotions out the door

    27:21 Random math lesson

    29:26 Outro

  2. Video's are good except the length is a little long. You can probably gather more subscribers if you keep them 8-12 mins length. Focus on the main points and get on with it. Looking at the popular vlogs, most keep them in the 8-12 min range.

  3. Ben. You should look into trading bots. All those buy and sell points can be programmed in. They also have trailing take profit and trailing stop losses. I think you would be a whiz in programming a bot. 3 commas has a free trial.

  4. Very interesting approach. My question about strategy would be, if you are in say the "X" region for 4 weeks and you normally buy BTC every week. Say $100/week. In this strategy, would you be buying "X" every week until its at 2x or at y?

  5. GREAT Never seen better. What does it Look like on S&P. What happens if you stretch the historic highs ans lows to 1.0 and 0.0. So that you Level it out. Every peak becomes 1 and every low a 0. Can you calculate something like a acceleration factor like in physics?

  6. hello Benjamin, great content. You mentioned that you will publish the formula in the future, Im not sure if you meant the whole script or the math formula or that you will publish the data on your website. Could you please make it accessible through the API, or at least provide the historical data downloadable in csv format? I would like to combine it with my time series data and find/flag bullish and bearish data points, then run it through ML algo, ideally in combination with other indicators.

  7. This is a paradigm shift versus just attempting to predict price changes by directly watching momentum swings. It is transparent, simple and easy from which to derive a strategy with a particular budget. I love it. Thanks Benjamin Cowen, keep up the good work. I really do appreciate it.

  8. This channel has the best and most in-depth analysis of any of them. I wish this was financial advice because I'd copy this guy's trades if he told us what they were.

  9. Great video Ben. Just wondering if you could do an analysis on comparing this strategy to the standard DCA method. Say DCA $500/month for the last 5yrs vs this risk adjusted strategy?

  10. I really like this strategy. Great video.

    Ben, could you do a video on “Bens top 10 cryptocurrencys” and maybe a brief why for them? If got extra time.

  11. only problem is if you just received a whole bunch of money, let's say November, and you only put X down, it might Moon to Y 2y etc, then you'd miss out on all the buying oppertunity X gave you. lmao. btw I will be using this chart, however, if I just entered (bc i sold 6 months ago (needed the money)) then I would go in a little extra just in case it does something it has never done before (not the first time).

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