Bitcoin scammers hack Twitter | Prominent US personalities hacked

Bitcoin scammers hack Twitter | Prominent US personalities hacked Several high-profile Twitter accounts were simultaneously hacked on July 15 by attackers …


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  4. Bitcoin attracts either scammers or dummies who throw it to scammers. I'm buying a new cryptocurrency – Сrypton (CRP) which can only be mined by smart people

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  6. BETCOIN SCAMMERS ARE CHINA CCP HACKERS! I'm going to launch a nuclear missle at CCP's Official Building in Beijing

    If i was God i would gave China a harmful disease that can't be cured and can't spread to others, and send an asteroid with the width and height of the CCP's Conference Buildings

  7. Yup…someone is in big trouble…to hack a personal account of a past US President is forbidden…gee, I wonder if it has something to do with the executive orders on Hong Kong yesterday

  8. Yesterday the IRCTC (Indian Railways) app on my phone started sending random sets of emails to the IRCTC domain. I had to uninstall the app to stop this. The timing of these email spamming also arises suspicion exactly at 12.30 am. Looks to me as the start of a denial of service attack on Indian Railways domain…. Any guessess?

  9. What about all the scammers from your area stealing from the elderly, poor, and Innocent here in the US, accounting for millions of funds lost , causing depression, stress, and Suicide?

  10. Therfore we need strong cyber security as we head for a future where digital payments will become prominent. But these well established companies with one of the highest securities getting hacked really questions it.

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