1. Lord, we pray that any currency without "In God We Trust" will burn. World currency is demonic. Iran and China is behind this BTC ponzi scheme. Sell Sell Sell.

  2. congratulations on the subs dude. one question. i do not remember the fib level being at 57k in your previous videos? two days ago u showed 62k. or is it some other level i have mistook it for.

  3. I read about Rutherford Trades Services when I first started watching educational videos on bitcoin. I contac ted him in weeks he helped me grow my small portfolio of Bitcoin from 0.08 to 0.3 btc. Bitcoin heading for 60k got me smiling❤️

  4. Excellent job at explaining strategies, your very easy to listen too and understand. Keep up the good work! I passed you along to many, told them if they want to get into Bitcoin, then you gotta subscribe to this guy 👍🏻

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