Bitcoin SV Explained | Can BSV Overtake BTC?

Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin SV***** WATCH THIS FOR FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS Why You Should Stay Away From Day Trading Bitcoin …


  1. Trust is built very slowly over time and is more valuable than whatever features and benefits you can throw at someone. Just think how long it took and how much scrutiny Bitcoin went through just to get to where it is today in the eyes of the mainstream and institutional investors. You're not going to convince these same people to invest in BCH or BSV, it doesn't matter if they're superior.

  2. You are never going to buy coffee with a coin like BTC – a house or car maybe, smaller and more common transactions will be for other coins such a LTC XLM DGB

  3. Anyone who's watching this understands the simple shit and the entire first half of the video just get right into it and get technical. Good job though keep it up

  4. Great video here guys. I, speaking for myself still stick to my path which has turned out to be very profitable. It’s cool to hodl but what is even cooler is trading using a well established pattern and this I do using Jesse Cole's signals which has helped me become a better trader and also helped me trade with about 2 Btc to over 7 in just a fortnight. His signals are that accurate and he can be contacted on WhatsApp (+44) 7723516054 or Telegram (@Jessecole) for all sort of crypto related assistance.

  5. Man a lot of incorrect information in here. Bitcoin is not a medium of exchange ( how it was designed to be ) instead is now a Store of Value ! The days of exchanging Bitcoin for Alt coins is a great indication about the authentciy of the project ! You've not even mentioned about Lightening Network (which is shite ) but considering the point u are making Lightening Network is more relevant . The transaction spend is irrelevant it's the Transacation Fee which helps the transaction to get in the block. Block Size had to do with information being relayed between miners . Because of the size ie 128mb it would be time consuming hence ( certain miners / *centralized ) get advantage

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