Bitcoin SV Is A Scam, Ethereum Ferrari, Trezor Hack, ETH Accumulation & Bitcoin Q1 Profits

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  1. I hold all 3 Bitcoins. Bitcoin core gives me direction. the others give me bigger profit. I am team money here. see High altitude investing on this.

  2. Bitcoin BTC price pumped 10x in less than 6 months in 2017 but modern investor was holding BTC so the manipulated pump was legit in making him money. "he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone"

  3. You idiots that think Craig write is a fraud, spend some time do your research… I was close to giving up on Crypto with all these promises and nothing to show for it, since researching BSV it’s giving me hope!

  4. Micro transactions are like the steam to the BSV network. you pay a fee to upload to the blockchain. I do at least 40 micro transactions a day using the BSV apps, it is the only crypto currency that is being used

  5. Bitcoin SV is a scam?????? maybe you're scared they can do more than XRP lol,, can you build websites on the XRP blockchain you can on BSV, can you build dapps and smart contracts on XRP? you can on BSV,, can XRP handle more transactions than Visa? BSV can.. BSV is Bitcoin the one blockchain to rule them all and will soon have the protocol set in stone.

  6. Oh I see you’ve stopped showing your subscriber numbers on your other YT channels after my previous comment below. Seems the one calling scam is actually the real scammer. Nearly always the way.

  7. Please provide a link to the video regarding accusations you make in relation to Dr Craig Wright (inventor of Bitcoin) and the BSV price increase. My research so far does not support the accusations you’re making in this video. Also just wondering how you came up with the magic number of 153K subscribers to all your YouTube channels???

  8. In case anyone interested in Curioinvest, it's a sleeping giant that's going to wreck havoc in it's wake, and it's utility token is being traded at probit exchange and curioinvest road-map includes 6 new exchanges(rumoured that bittrex is one of them) listing till March end. Just my 1 cent to all who wants to have a solid investment.

  9. Micropayments… why do you think walled gardens are so important???? Micropayments……BSV is on an open network….it’s micropayments are visible…hmmmmm …. think

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