Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currency Financial Systems (2014)

Bitcoin is an online payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, who published his invention in 2008, and released it as open-source software in 2009.


  1. Please enlighten me. If this is not a bubble, then tell me something: don't you realize that you (coin holders) are eating, dressing, sleeping and breading (living) inside a closed society Ruled by the USA government? Haven't you seen what happens to anyone or anything that goes against the USA dollar? Blockchain tech certainly is a bright idea and I have no doubt it'll replaced fiat currency soon enough, but it ONLY give you the freedom which the USA government allow you to have. Stop dreaming about future decentralized crap coins. Once this bubble goes mainstream, which is to the benefit of the gov, it's 100% certain that the government will TAKE OVER and control every move in Crypto currencies making them all to merge into only ONE Crypto currency controlled by the USA GOV. There is no way that this Crypto mania will remain without Gov control, unless you know how to overthrow (rid off) the Gov which controls every MERCHANT in this county. So I say, it's still too early for the Gov to implement new laws against the free trade with these coins. But not yet; because this crypto mania is just doing the dirty work for the Gov. Then, when almost everyone is in, the USA Gov will just take over with the stroke of a pen. Certainly by then you'd have made your millions by preaching this mania and inducing people to buy, but then, what? Do you think that Banks are stupid? They've been trying for years to go cashless; and now they have thousands of patents in this blockchain tech. Please tell me how do you plan to RID OFF the Gov regulations?, can you prove me wrong with facts?. Then, I'll invest. Thanks! ps: I'm sure that this whole Crypto coins stuff was invented by the Gov itself to further its purpose in controlling everyone; and they will succeed sooner with your help. No Japanese has ever invented anything. Even that it's a given! I mean: Sometimes smart people when missed with $$ they become so naive, they think they can get rid off the government regulations, not knowing that this has been fulled by the Globalists themselves and they are just doing the dirty work for them.

  2. Government currency is a disgrace to its people. The government can take it at any time it wants. We worked for it and it is not ours. We get taxed to hell and back and they still want more. A plague that would wipe out all governments and politicians would be a welcome thing. So we could build again and learn from our mistakes and no duplicate the same stupid crap that is carried on as daily affairs in government as it is done currently. Government creating wars is bad no matter what you morons say. Taking tax dollars to create wars is just wrong.

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