Bitcoin too risky an investment?

The Stock Swoosh’s Melissa Armo and MV Financial Investment Strategist Arian Vojdani on the state of the markets, where the opportunities are for investors …


  1. If you stop the video at only 0:32 .. you can clearly see these 3 people know nothing at all about technology, let alone how bitcoin even works or operates as a currency now. So clueless.. Fox is becoming more Faux News by the year, no wonder younger people dont believe it, its obvious garbage reporting. Get with the times Fox, or more people will go left if you straight up lie about things.

  2. Too risky? You know the saying.. no risk, no reward. If you only do things that take no risk, you're doing stuff everyone else does to make money so you will never get ahead.. risky investments are the only ones that make money.. if it wasn't risky, every one else would be doing it too.

  3. I'm no bitcoin fanatic but it is disgusting how the msm like faux and greedy banks and corrupt govts have been using fud to prevent people from getting into it.

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