Bitcoin top #2 – The fundamentals (Fundamental clues in market tops)

Hi guys another quick update here with some technical analysis on the Bitcoin (BTC) chart & the clues you want to look for when trying to predict the top of this …


  1. Very interesting and clever thoughts. Elliott waves would agree! but I don't think that the news make the price, instead the news only come after. Technical analysis is putting a huge red flag on btc, but green on ltc and eth… and the news are starting to confirm that!

  2. I have been following all your videos for last 3 months and have even done buying based on suggestions. But what i dislike is all of you guys are acting Diplomatic when it comes to kind of price prediction. If u say u are a good technical analyst then stick ur neck out and say where is the Double Top ??? in history @ $2K u knew where the Double Top was , so where it is now ???? Dont be on both sides. If it falls , then u shall be very quick to point on your previous video . but when not , then some other explanation shall come up . Your forecast on BCH has gone horribly wrong and it has fallen well below 0.2 and then 0.11 but u shall not admit. This is not fair and is applicable to all the Analyst who are giving these technical analysis.

  3. Hi dobe, this and previous video was very surprising for me also you seems to be right. My question is, how do we take profit or less loss in this situation. How can it affect other cryptocurrencies such as ETH BCH LTC etc. I'm very curious about it and waiting for your opinions. Thanks.

  4. Any thoughts since you posted this. We now have three lower highs and just hitting lowest low on the 4 hour chart.

    Three very red candles on the daily.

    Of course after so many days of nothing but long green candles SOME correction is due, but this is the most serious correction we've had since we went from $7800 to $5400.

    Again very concerned we never tested $5,000 or $7500. Since $5,000 top way back when, none of the corrections have gone to previous ceiling of resistance, they keep getting shorter and shorter in time frame and dip.

    $5400 missed the $5,000 ceiling by 10%, $8700 dip missed the $7500 ceiling by 15%

    Every correction from $10,000 on was merely an hour or two if not minutes.

    This to me seems like we could see a MASSIVE correction.

    Now we haven't gone up 10X which usually precedes the 80 – 90% correction, so maybe we aren't going there. But would have to hit $55,000 by mid January to make 10X within two months.

    With all the hype and people flooding into the market now a protracted bear market seems tough to swallow, but if a whole bunch of newbs bought in above $15,000 and it crashes to $7,500 or $5,000, let along $3,000 then YEAH, that would scare people away for a LONNNNG time.

  5. My comment to my friends when I showed them the chart curve when it hit $18,000 was:

    "Well if this chart pattern continues one of two things will happen.

    1) Tomorrow the price of Bitcoin will be Infinity
    2) The chart will continue to curve until we start going back in time"

    Or, maybe we have a correction.

    it sure looks freaking parabolic, it really did almost hit the straight up verticle line last few days.

    Not sure if it really needs to hit 10X in a two month period like what happened on the previous bubble tops.


  6. What I meant is by market maturity, which could take a few years. I am basing my analysis on the market cap on gold. IMO BTC is better than gold on the long run. If you only look for a market cap on 1.5 trillion, you get 100K

  7. Great video, you bring some very valid points. People will not do things to get them out of their norm. Its very sad to see but you are right on that! Follow @CryptoTrades on Insta!

  8. On a fundamental level you can't compare 2013 to 2017. 2013 was the middle of the economic expansion. 2017 is late in the economic expansion and bitcoin is challenging to revolutionize the monetary system. Not saying it will actually achieve that goal but just saying that 4 years later Bitcoin is far more complex and a stronger competitor. Also Mt. Gox was a huge catalyst back in 2013 and the security of bitcoin storage seems to be more advanced now.

  9. such great insights, thanks for providing the community with both TA and fundamental analysis and so true re dimon flip flopping like a dying fish. RED FLAGS indeed. please keep us updated on this impending bitcoin bubble burst situation bc unfortunately it will likely impact alt coins, right? do you have any thoughts on how a true bitcoin crash could impact alts? would love to see a video on your thoughts there.

  10. So true. I tried to withdraw a moderate amt of USD from my bank and they said, "I will have to get permission first". Why do I have to get permission to withdraw my own money? Banks and ins companies are scamming ppl bad!!

  11. I am reading exuberant comments since I have started crypto two months ago. "to the moon" this, "skyrocketing" that. I like this channel also because the comments are decent quality as well. The super popular channels (Data Dash for instance) are full of shit comments. I can tell you that here in Germany we are not even close to a bubble. The USA is far ahead. I work in an IT company and even here, only about 10% are interested, yet not more than 5% are actually seriously invested. None of my friends are, and they are not particularly conservative. My dad thinks its crap, obviously 😀

  12. I wanted to become a day-trader… or maybe a swing trader. But lost some money… not a lot but at the rate I'm going… it will soon hurt. And I'm trading with teenagers that are transitioning from playing games online on to trading crypto… soon, with all of the professional traders coming in, true traders… I will get rapped. I cashed out. Will now be a holder and spender… I don't think I will be trading… also, I feel that I spend too much time stalking a coin… loving the coin.,… fucking hating the coin… some days… want to murder the coin… Admit it guys… we are all stalkers… we like to watch…

  13. Hello Dobe! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really highly appreciated. Do you have any opinion on Bitcoin Gold and or Bitcoin Diamond? No matter if your thoughts will turn out to be right or wrong in the future. I would just be interested if you have any stand regarding those two coins. Thanks a lot in advance if you find time to reply. Best wishes from Taiwan.

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