1. Quite informative as always. Thanks sunny. Meanwhile I know u don't advocate people trading after you on bitmex. Are u longing or shorting at the moment? And what's ur entry and liquidation prices?

  2. I know it's petty but I usually don't bother watching videos with 'this' in the title, click baits really pisses me off. However it is Mr. Decree.

  3. Not many people know that a cryptocurrency can grow on your own on a cryptographic wallet. 10,000 users are already taking advantage of this feature. I advise you to study the cryptocurrency PRISM. The coin has its own blockchain, significantly different from the bitcoin and ether blockchains. In general, study.

  4. @sunny Decree and all the others you guy´s see at day 03.06.2019 that one whale was presenting BTC to a lot people the orderbook of Kraken Canada was empty ""a flash crash!!!"" one guy sold with no specific price and price was down to 100$ per BTC for 1 min and a lot people are very happy now lol

  5. Bro the funding rate doesn't indicate the amount of short Vs long or vice versa. It only show at what spread xbt bitmex is traded away from the mark price. Careful with the errors

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