1. I still believe in mining…money is made when someone buys/sells/uses crypto currency. The underlying price is only marginally important…I made money on the 70% fall each and every day. I still have made double digit per month and it isn't transactional in nature. Owning the coin is going for the homerun…mining is just making a little each and every day without research or trading.

  2. Hi Markus. Been following your videos for a while now. Very hard to know who is legit and who isn't. That includes you! Think I have seen enough now to know you are the real deal. Thanks for all your insight 👍

  3. Great Information – I'm saying the same here in Switzerland. And one Point you remember: if any platform will sell you the Bitcoins for i.e. US$ 5'000.– and you will get your real Money back when the Price roars to US$ 15'000.– think about from who will come this cash to pay you out? The Ponzi scheme from Bernie Madoff is dead – it live the Bitcoin !

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