Bitcoin Trading for Beginners (A Guide in Plain English)

Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: Bitcoin trading is the act of buying low and selling high. Unlike investing, which means holding …


  1. To be honest i see open eye explanation💪. Any how about Market order what you mean this Qoute’’ you don’t stop buying bitcoin until the Amount requested is reached. ‘’

  2. Nice video… i thought of investing in bitcoin around September last year but was discouraged because of the instability of bitcoin price

  3. Hi,
    Nice presentation.
    My niche market has literally no electricity, forget about CPU's.
    Do you think Bitcoin is a suitable answer for such a economy?

  4. hi fairly new to bitcoin, can i buy in multiple platforms? my concern is putting in my personal details, like ID and birthdate online every time i register , and i am not quite comfortable with it yet

  5. My name is Tony, I only have $100 worth of bitcoin as of today, I really would love to know everything there is to successfully trading bitcoin. Can I even start with such amount?

  6. Even though I was not impressed with the overall editing and design of video (has that BOOMER vibe), I must admit this was one great thorough and explanatory video. Thank you!

  7. As an artist, I have just realized, I probably need another Millenium or two to learn everything I need to know about this adventure lack of proper word. I tried to listen and understand, this footage repeatedly, I still have to do a little more investigation before I can claim I have fully understood what, my good man here is talking about.
    but Thank you for this resourceful explanation and lifting us up from 0

  8. Thank for your guidance, Nate. In fact, you are such a good instructor.

    But I have a question: as a beginner, which section should I select on an exchange if I want to buy some satoshi, ASK or BID?

    Thanks for your prompt response in advance.

  9. My question is let's suppose if someone buys Bitcoin of USD 5000/- and after buying, suddenly decrease the bitcoin price so can he hold it or how much time he can hold? and then prices again (raise) up he can sell? or there are any rules if he holds then Bitcoin amount will be finished automatically or he cannot hold up to the certain time limit….what are the rules please advise

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