1. 1. Whose this course for? [8:00]

    a. Beginners (creating the foundation)

    b. Pros (refining skills)

    2. The fundamentals of trading [9:22]

    a. Accumulation and Distribution [9:50]

    b. Trends [15:20]

    c. Level [18:10]

    3. What type of trader are you? [21:02]

    a. Swing/Scalp trader

    b. Long trader

    4. Ditch the indicators for now [22:26]

    5. Trading the news [25:40]

    6. Reading candles [32:12]

    7. The right tools (trading view) [34:22]

    8. Discipline and controlling the losses [35:53]

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  3. You were right about the second watch of the beginner's course. I finished the course a month or so ago and I'm back again before hitting the advanced one.

  4. Great course, just went through it and would still go through it because I'm very very new to this. However I wouldn't mind you suggesting on where to go from here. Thanks

  5. Thank you very much man, You sound very genuine with real information. I have been mining cryptos for a year now and I am looking at starting trading, actual took my first trade today… I am glad I bumped into your video and will be taking your full course and hope to engage you further in your other videos

  6. If I shouldn't look at the news too much then where do you get the info,like how do you know what stock to invest in and why to invest in that one?

  7. I literally decided to watch every video you have after hearing that you play poker. Poker and market are just too similar and good poker players can easily become a good market player

  8. Looking forward to buying my first house if this pays off, not sure how long that would take starting from £100 though, I could start with more but don't want to put all my eggs in 1 basket so to speak 🙂

  9. I have also just found a link to you from Reddit. I've watched the first two videos and I really like that you took the time to do this. You are helping a lot of people create better lives for themselves. Bravo to you sir. 👍

  10. Thank you for posting! Really enjoy your insight and personal experiences. I'll be watching all of your videos. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for guys like me who are just getting started with this stuff.

  11. This is very nice of you to provide this training. Appreciate it and will follow you more. Beginner here. Look forward to seeing more of you.

  12. I've gone through the beginner's and advanced materials once. Going for a second round now! Are there any books that you would recommend as well?

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