1. Thank you once again! One of the most fundamental presuppositions I use when coaching clients is "There is no failure only feedback". You have given us the skills to be able to see where we went wrong. 😉👍

  2. I've started writing down your lessons and going over my notes. Your course is one of the biggest assets that I've come over. I drew this chart into my trading diary where I also state why something works out/ doesn't work out, what methods (things I have learned from your course) I've used and which ones are effective/need more revision.
    I will go over your advanced course in the near future, noting as many things as I can to perfect that skill as effective as possible.

  3. Hey man, thanks again. great videos/tips on MA. personally I think this is my biggest issue when it comes to trading and I already feel after watching these 2 videos and listening to the audio book, that I have a better understanding on when I "revenge trade" or jump into trades too soon. and how to avoid those situation in the future.
    do you plan on making more videos on MA ?

  4. A lot of very useful stuff… only one small addition – apart all neutrality and balance, to be successful in this I belive one has to have also some FUN and find it fascinating, otherwise it will be as boring as filling orders in McDonald, and that is wrong. It must have some flair, some adrenalin.

  5. Hi there,
    The mind map link is no longer working. I'd really like to print it and put it on my wall so I can look at it while I trade. Is there any way you can restore the link?

  6. Wooooow after having a great losing trade, this video has helped me to realised how to turn a losing in to a winning trade.

    Thanks c0tt0n and definitely I’ll read Mark’s book.

  7. Dude – loving the map… I can see many dangers in the way I had been trading before… sometimes it just takes reflection time to realise what was going wrong. The comment about not reflecting on the good trades is so f*ckin true… got to go back through the good trades as well you are right!

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