1. Does this mean that the static monthly and weekly levels (from the earlier levels) now become dynamic, and that the static M/W levels from the past that were tested and gained are no longer levels anymore that get to be respected?

  2. Hey man. Thanks so much for this series. Rewatching for the second time. Just one question. In the beginner's course, you marked levels on swing highs and swing lows but in the recent most lessons, you've been marking on the start of up/downtrends. How do I figure out which one to use? Or more importantly, what did I miss?

  3. My brain hurt when I watched the lesson for the first time. Still hurts after the 3rd watch but less. I kind of struggle to put all the information together so I might even go fractal on this lesson lol

  4. This makes so. much. fucking. sense. It's like you've turn trading into reading a book. I haven't even finished the advanced course and i can already know what i'm doing. And it's being less than a month that i've started trading. I've been recomending you to everyone i know.

  5. around the 58 minute mark when you deleted the portion of the chart, and pretended you were actually in the trade really helped alot…you just marking the valleys that need to be tested in order for the the previous bigger valleys get tested really just glued it all together.

    now i understand that the smaller time frames greatly effect the trend as a whole.

  6. so lets say we see a major downfall in xrp on the 4hr chart.
    we see it finally touch the bottom from its initial trend upwards and we can confirm it is now accumulation.
    Before entering a position, should we always check the smaller time frames (15min/30min) as a measurement to sort of figure out if the 4hr valley down trend will be tested? sort of like the strength of the trend?

    because if i can observe a bunch of valleys getting tested but never touching on the 15 minute chart/30 minute chart, the 4hr valley downtrend will most likely not get touched because the trend in the 15min/30min are weak. correct?

    i kinda look at it like a like a domino effect…15 minute valleys will effect 30 minute valleys…30 minute valleys will effect 1 hour valleys. etc.

  7. Hello, I came across your videos on reddit. I like your background and what you stand for, only running off of donations is quite generous of you. I would like to start watching your series but was wondering if they are useful for a stock market day trader. I know that they are mainly focused around crypto, so this is why I ask.

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