bitcoin trading strategy 2020 | crypto trading for beginners 2020 | cryptocurrency trading strategy

bitcoin trading strategy 2020 | crypto trading for beginners 2020 | cryptocurrency trading strategy hello friends welcome to my youtube channel Bitcoin Duniya.


  1. Saving your money and investing it into Bitcoin right now most especially with the current rise or something more profitable would be the wisest thing to do now if you really want to be successful.
    When talking about investing it has predominantly been real estate and solid materials for me but lately, i started to delve into cryptocurrency first by buying and when i first did, it was 3 bitcoins at $5200 per coin and today bitcoin is well above $10,000 but the best part to tit is when i started to not just save coins but also to trade.
    That was when a colleague introduced me to Mr Scott, a coach in crypto analytics/advise strategist. He was able to carry me on in trading and within just a month, i had traded and grown over 5 to 12 bitcoins. This was my smartest move ever and i am inclined to speak about such a step i took for the benefits of others.
    This is his personal mail address:

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    Joseph is an ideal mentor because he has an ability to present his extensive knowledge and experience in terms that the common man can understand and relate to. His trade platform has extensive resources to learn from that would take me months, if not years to fully utilize. I particularly like the platform & trade introductions because he helped me provide signals for trading. I'm proud to be a member of his trade platform and intend to improve my knowledge and skills as a trader and investor primarily with this resource. I would recommend him for everyone Telegram @Robert_Trade12 & WhatsApp: +1 ( 5 7 3 ) 5 5 9 – 1 4 6 3

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