Bitcoin Trading Strategy Tutorial for Beginners

Bitcoin trading for beginners – including cryptocurrencies – Using sound professional trading principles to keep yourself safe.


  1. Hi Barry I been on your training courses and your training using multiple time frames, to find trades using a weekly and then entry exit on daily charts, can this be applied please to crypto trading? Also do I use same indicators, moving averages with your settings for crypto trading please? Thank you

  2. As a young person getting into trading, this is awesome advice, thank you so much! How can I go about creating my own trading plan properly? I find my biggest problem is wondering "well, what do I do now?". I feel like if I had a 'rule book' to follow, I would be ahead in the game.

  3. Shout out to Barry! That last part about risk/money management was spot on. As for "shakedowns" you see alot of them in FX with those big candles going vertical BOTH ways during a trend, so obvious.

  4. Thanks again Dr. Barry; great stuff as usual! I really appreciate your insight.
    I've been trading about thirty years, and I'm still learning it, right?!? 🙂
    It's always a big help when someone like you can reinforce the fundamental rules and just generally remind us we're all in the same boat of ups and downs where it's important to have a sound plan every day! It helps, at least me anyway, to keep a level head!
    Have a good one!

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