Bitcoin Trading Volume Reaches New Highs! Indian Regulations, Tezos Update, Crypto Scams

Bitcoin trading volume reaches new highs in Thailand, India is considering harsh cryptocurrency regulations, the SEC warns against cryptocurrency scam tactics …


  1. Indian people were comparing their extremely dumb tea seller Prime Minister, who’s literally illiterate, to Hindu gods and singing hymns and praises in the last election. What else do you expect from these people? It’s a hopeless situation. They get swayed by sweet words and elect corrupt people. In fact, the only reason they contest elections is for earning a lot of corruption money.

  2. The truth is, not all of them but India does have bad n extremely corrupted officials. So they spread that news to drop the price n buy back in low. Wash-rinse-repeat. Been hearing this since I can remember. So… India plz stop now. Okay. 😂😂🤣🤣

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