Bitcoin Trading Wow! Watch Me Catch this Explosive $10,000 Profit Using Price Action

More price action trading secrets for Bit coin traders here: Because currency markets have been underwhelming, my attention has been draw to…


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  3. Good price action analysis Dale! Well I would also like to see a video of your stoploss getting hit after a good analysis.. After all humans are not perfect and losing is a part of every trader

  4. Best Forex Mentor that I've come across so far: simple trading techniques, straight forward trading. No flashing cars, money, houses etc. like other traders trying to sell you stuff. Learning a lot from Dale's video. Need the Trade Management Tool so will buy the full course soon 🙂 Keep up the good work #SouthAfrican Fan

  5. Nice trade Mentor! The Gap is mostly because bitcoin is traded 24 hours and 7 days a week not like currencies. While the forex brokers didn't work during the weekend, all the trading activities on bitcoin during the weekend appears as gap down or up depending whether the price trade lower or higher than Friday forex market closed.

  6. that is just massive. really like your way of reasoning and keeping things down to earth.

    with bitcoin i always have a bit more fear of the gaps, though. for some strange technical reason or for political reasons things like the swiss franc fixed rate disaster could happen. i mean the gaps could be so huge that stops are jumped over, wiping out people on high leverage. haven't seen that with bitcoin yet but i feel it is more likely to happen with such a dynamic currency

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