1. ‘Miss Finland’ definitely does not speak for all women! If she doesn’t like risk – does she keep her savings in a bank with government protection?!! 😂😂😂 She makes her definition of ‘all women’ sound stupid! 🙄🙄🙄

  2. That's bullshit, u are suposing that bitcoin is going to change Just because what happened before. If u do some math, the correlation between bitcoin price and the stocks is negative. So bitcoin is going to go 200% or even more because we are facing an economic crisis, that will push bitcoin till 2600€

  3. Hi Carl, 48 y.o. woman here. Been in crypto since October 2017, I love it, am obsessed with it. Ofc I'm trying to make money like everyone else, but best of all, I feel like someone witnessing the extinction of dinosaurs (fiat) and the emergence of mammals (crypto). Thank you for what you do every single day, I am a big fan of yours.

  4. To the downside more blood. Thats what smart money will do bomb it lower then they buy just like they just did. I think its happen over and over. Carl you should do video on just how many times this has happen its insane. Great videos. Epic man

  5. Bitcoin is alot risk for many people.. People like you and other buyers who bought earlier is sitting nicely with great position.. Many people will get rekt again next bullrun..

  6. When bitcoin broke to the downside out of a descending triangle it was in a bear market and sitting below the 21 weekly average. Today we are in what appears to be a bull market coming to the end of a consolidation after a 57 degree rise on a trend line with the 21 weekly average sitting right at the 9300 level and sitting above the weekly EMA ribbon. Truly what are the odds of us breaking the 21 weekly average ,because that is what it would take to get to $7500 as much as I would love to see it. Coming out of the 2015 lows we maintained a 23 degree rise on a trend line for 553 days after crossing the 21 weekly average. The 21 weekly average is now rising at a 47 degree angle. What are the adds of maintaining this 47 degree average if the 21 weekly average holds at $9300? The next trend line sitting below the 57 degree rise is the 28 degree rise and sitting today at the bottom of the EMA ribbon at $6610.

  7. Hi Carl, I've been subscribed to your channel since you had just 2,000 subscribers. Enjoy watching your daily videos and learn a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us all. A female fan!

  8. BTC will fall from circa $10,400 to $9,900 (+/- 1%) in the next 3 days, before rising to $11,100 on 22 September 2019 whereupon the price will tank to between $9500 and $10,400 by 24 September 2019 after Bakkt opens for business on 23 September 2019. Fairly specific prediction. However, as all pundits have accompanying weasel caveats, what are my weasel caveats? 1. Market movers will occasionally dump to remind Bakkt futures pumpers (whose plan is to pump now to maximise profit on their shorts when BTC crashes on 24.09/19) that they are not going to have everything their own way, but I factored this bullshit in when arriving at my price prediction. Science…you love it. (this is my prediction but make your own assessment – nobody knows which way the price will go…until the wave function collapses…and no, I am not a time traveller….perceptions of time are products of consciousness and therefore time travel is obviously impossible)

  9. The hiden gems of 2019 U Network, Apollo, Credit made by Terra and Wavesbet they have so much potentials 500x will be very realistic, becuase of their great features and many use cases.

  10. 4:42 what are you talking about those are bearish divergences… weekly time frame continous lower lows although we are making higher lows on the weekly price chart = bearish where I come frome. I am actually expecting btc to dump very soon and altcoin could get a nice rally. Many altcoins have BULLISH divergences on their daily chart + the btc dominance chart is having bearish divergences as well = for me alts bullish btc bearish short term i guess

  11. I agree my friend. Better to said alow coast of bitcoin price 7.5k soonest to dropped than the prediction of other people or some biilioner but until the is full not true. Prediction so much speculation then king advance but the true are not good for the society or the everyone. Billioner Please predict only the possible but the impossible don't pushed in social this not gods for the society.


  13. you actually can have new smarphone for 30$ in the Philippines,like cherry mobile, so should be the same in Africa
    i have one i use it as hardware wallet, cheaper than an ledger

  14. it has to fall to 8-7k in order for the billions sitting on the sideline to flood in….if you buy at 10k and it falls to 7k dont freeking panic!it will shoot to the moon as soon as that happens.

  15. …as a female…iam in crypto and also hodling btc and some alts…and always watching your videos carl…great work thx greeting from switzerland

  16. Hi Carl! I’m absolutely obsessed with Bitcoin trading and continual learning TA -for over a year now. Sold my auto last year and bought my first bitcoin, never looked back.

  17. Hip and cool grandma in since 2017…
    I spend a lot of time trying to talk risk adverse men into buying bitcoin Lol 😂
    We love Carl and all he does!
    Proud Subscriber # 33 👍

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