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  1. I love your conclusion! And also I'm glad that BitCoin can innovate and keep going forward. It's a shame about their censorship though… that is pretty dodgy. We need to have a blockchain-based forum system for BitCoin.

  2. Bitcoin will reach a point when it's bigger than the /r/bitcoin subreddit, then we will truly see Bitcoin Cash reach it's full potential. And all the points you make will be moot.

  3. There isn't really a Bitcoin Cash community. It's mostly paid shills. The rest are non technical people or people who don't care about Bitcoin remaining trustless. These shills make there living on spamming their propaganda. In doing this they made it very difficult to get to the truth. These paid shills are also mods in different libertarian subreddits.

    Start challenging them on the technicals and the principles you will see there narrative collapse.

    Simply put in order for Bitcoin to remain decentralized and hardened against nation state attacks we must be able to spin up mining pools quickly with commonly available hardware and run them over low bandwidth networks such as Tor. If we are stuck with a solution that requires more than a few seconds you need to propagate throughout the global network we will see more chainsplits. If we have a solution like Bitcoin cash wants that clears the mempool each block that means youd have to have gigabyte blocks to compete with Visa. That means you'll need a gigabyte to be transferred over the tor network every 10 minutes. Or a very solid 15mb connection. Tor currently is not very consistent and typically has bandwidth of about 100kb/s in certain very rare cases with the right nodes some people may get faster speeds even over 1mb but again that won't be a reliable connection and it's very unlikely to get 15mb even at peak bandwidth.

  4. Bitmain Trash … oh sorry… I mean Bcash is just another get-rich-quick ponzy scheme for the few individuals who control everything in it. It's worse than XRP lol

  5. The original Bitcoin community included Satoshi and he said that the eventual scaling update would make old clients incompatible = aka a fork. He also said we would eventually not care how large the blocks got, because we would all for the most part be running SPV based client only mode.

  6. I do not agree. BCash is not just an alt coin because it has the same base like bitcoin, it was bitcoin actually. Altscoins has another technology base or they are written even in a complete other coding language, begin completely incompatible with bitcoin

  7. I’ve always been pro btc but have Been following the bch side of reddit. I’ll support whatever coin that should properly be superior but the posts about bch seem very sketchy and misleading and just makes it feel like a scam :/

  8. Fees on post-fork-BTC (segwit coin) is only low because it has much lower use now due to $55+ txn fees late 2017 – segwit is the equivalent of adding like 15% to a 1mb block size – a complete joke!. Why do you have a double standard of comparing BCH to every other crypto whereas segwit settlement coin somehow does not need to be useful or doesn't need to compete? You come across as soooooo incredibly biased with that crap. Circular logic. It is an alt coin, because it needs to content with this other thing which I assert is not an alt coin. and because my favoured coin is not an alt coin, your coin that I dislike is therefore an alt coin… because I assert this as the case.

  9. post-fork-BTC i.e. segwit settlement coin is a science experiment that will never work but by majority they retain the BTC ticker – I can live with that. pre-fork-BTC (i.e. bitcoin cash following the original plan from the beginning to increase block size – or at least not hold it at a ridiculous 1mb), is focused on adoption of merchants, widespread use, countries that need this technology right now like Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

  10. The most misleading part is that Jihan and Roger ver were the driving force behind the creation of bitcoin cash. They weren't. It was grass roots. This debate was raging for years and years. Roger came after the momentum was already there for the creation of bitcoin cash. Jihan and Ver are not the "leaders" or CEO. They are just people heavily invested in bitcoin as cash for the entire world who rightly support bitcoin cash for fulfilling this purpose.

  11. Something that fails to me mentioned in some of these supposedly non biased comparisons, is that Bitcoin Cash is closer to the true purpose of Bitcoin as stated in the White paper. While the old Bitcoin was steered down an other path requiring segwit, and lightening creating its own form of confusion for new investors who had to go along with this different path.This is one of the main reasons the fork happened.

  12. The issue with Lightning Network is that it won't work as believed by the community. Because BCH has the same hashing algorithm as BTC (namely SHA256d) and BTC is hell for miners, they will switch to BCH as soon as it overtakes BTC. Also, BCH has a more robust difficulty adjustment algorithm that can handle rapid changes in hashrate much better. This is an additional slight advantage over BTC.

  13. Bitcoin Cash is a response to the corporate takeover of Bitcoin and the intenttional crippling of bitcoin's adoption. Bitcoin Cash / BCH is a last resort attempt to bring bitcoin inline with the original roadmap.

    Nobody fucking bought bitcoin cash instead of bitcoin btc

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