Bitcoin Vs. HEX | Fundamentals Vs. “Pumpamentals” | Ivan on Tech Vs. Richard Heart

Ivan On Tech and Richard Heart debate the controversial cryptocurrency HEX, how to spot a crypto scam, Bitcoin investment strategies, and more. Get your …


  1. 1:07 Why does Richard Heart hate most people in the crypto community?
    4:50 Is HEX a scam?
    9:57 Are Ponzi scheme tactics the best way to promote your project?
    12:29 How to distinguish a scam from a legit project?
    17:00 How are Youtube bans impacting crypto bloggers?
    20:57 Is hashrate “Fake security”?
    25:20 How much Bitcoin should you buy to face a recession?
    31:14 Is DCA Bitcoin a good investment strategy?

  2. How many times did Richard Heart lose the point of topics in this video and the moderator had to bring him back to the points??? His brain is extremely biased with his own "arrogance" and not showing neutral state at all.

    I don't understand why people would want to stick with him who is extremely arrogant, over-confident, insulting people in ways that it seems that he's outsmarting dump people (in his way), talking things so negative instead of trying to be more constructive like Ivan.

    Does he want to be next Trump? Then, I want to see what good he's done for this world in his life like Trump.

  3. I almost fell for the FUD but luckily I didn’t and now HEX has made me rich!! I’m getting monthly income on top with my staking strategies. produce one person who has lost money on this project, you can’t! Everything is prove-able on the blockchain!

  4. He is using the ethereum stack by people by the first registration (30000) to pump its own value how you call it this?? he controls all the stacking of hex how can i trust him??

  5. Hex is a scam? Hex the bitcoin you should bought in 2009… there is not crypto in the market that gives you such a great tech royalties in time… so happy to be a Hex holder.

  6. Thanks guys! While all cryptos are getting rekt HEX is climbing the ranks. Now at rank 90. It may be a bear market for other coins but its a bull market for HEX.
    Best Quote: "Somebody should invent a currency that makes them lock up their money so they don't have that problem anymore … they could call it 'HEX'!"

  7. No Ivan, people aren't annoyed with affiliate links, they are annoyed that you are shilling leverage trading and getting big returns from ByBit everytime your subscribers are getting REKT. And since these exchanges are manipulating the prices in order to liquidate as many people as possible, then one could say that you are actively partaking in a scam.

  8. Richard is the personification of Jeff Albertson (Comic Book Guy in the Simpsons). He has a penchant to fact gathering to support his argumentative nature, which makes people with low IQs think he is smart. He is a natural Gamma male who pretends he is a Sigma (loner, monk-mode version of an Alpha male) by utilisation of game theory and Real Social Dynamics ……. He is not cool, he is not highly intelligent, he is mildly intelligent, fairly well read and researched in the things that serve him well; but fundamentally an arrogant, geek that pretends to be a cool nerd.


  10. Hash rate does too have something to do with these inflation "bugs," as it is the MINERS who would have to MINE the txs containing the spurious coin…. THINK.

  11. Could you please consider revising this format?
    How do you seriously expect people to discuss important issues within a one-minute time frame? There needs to be a greater degree of flexibility to allow people to establish and to finish their points. Only when people start to ramble on and not come to the point should they be encouraged to hurry up and get back on point.
    It should be understood that not everyone in crypto is a dimwitted punk kid with an attention span of a gnat.

  12. Richard most talk about price boost, so seem his mind is set to earn. Cant agree with him. Its nothing bad to speculate to earn. But if people want to develop something, first idea should be development improove. If people talk about development and mind set is earn money, its misreading and completely bad for all.

  13. Richard Heart speaks a lot of sense which people do not want to hear. I regularly watch his livestreams and learn so much about crypto and life in general when he has an informed guest on his show.
    I also love watching Ivan on Tech (even though he has shadow-banned me) because he explains what is going on in the markets and keeps you informed on the latest developments within crypto – he keeps me sane when bitcoin and crypto are off on another crazy rollercoaster ride.

    I just wish I had a bit of spare cash to buy this dip because if you buy the good projects the fundamentals do not change – just market sentiment which always recovers.

    There are too many retards (as Richard likes to call them and I agree) who are in the game to make an easy buck by day-trading and then bitch and trash talk when they get rekt because they do not know what they are doing – like 95% of them.

    To get wealthy with crypto, the best method is to simply Dollar-cost average and hodl for the next 2 to 5 years when you will be ready to start drawing down your crypto wealth.
    And let's hope that by then there will be many more apps available that let you purchase goods and service directly with just crypto rather than having to cash out into Fiat – which is when the taxman will catch you out for capital gains.

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