Bitcoin vs. Libra: Is Facebook’s cryptocurrency a safer bet?

Arca Chief Investment Officer Jeff Dorman on the outlook for cryptocurrency. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time …


  1. Libra is not here yet to compare. Making good and error proof crypto software takes long time. Libra will make Bitcoin stronger and Libra will be dependent to Bitcoin in the crypto currency market. Welcome Libra!!!

  2. Will conservatives be able to use the Facebook cryptocurrency in five years from now or will Facebook select who will be able to use their currency based on political or religious ideology? Don't trust Zuckerberg at all!

  3. Zuckerberg’s CHINESE wife is just COINCIDENCE…?

    Only need 70% of Libra companies to change Libra to whatever they want….thats not real crypto…it’s excel spreadsheet

  4. Zuckerberg knows the dollar is artificially overvalued and it will be balanced by trump's tariffs so it will will devaluate by Christmas…When the market appears to have a big sell out you know it is happening. Trump's tax at work.
    Only then minimum wage will raise as it always does and every dollar in your pockets will be worth 80 cents…..
    But this libra is one more scam used by facebook to dip his spoon in the bowl of soup before the super rich eats it all.
    Just look who is backing him up and there is your answer as to whether I am telling you the truth.
    Have nice weekend friends.

  5. 😲 Equity pundits who know nothing about crypto? Confidently talking at the masses about how crypto works? Who wants some deja vu? I've got so much to spare, I'm giving it away for free.

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