Bitcoin will be worth a MILLION dollars using the KARDASHEV Scale

I think Bitcoin will go to a million dollar evaluation within the next five years. I use the Kardashev scale to illustrate an example of why Bitcoin is the monetary …


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  3. Andre is my favorite financial YouTuber because he has a bigger brain , is open minded, and doesn’t just follow safe traditional financial paths, andre for president!

  4. Bitcoin is a great idea. Last bitcoin crash was an attempt to launch the greatest global currency. But why it failed? Because there is no money laundering prevention in the system. People don’t trust the money and the dirty organizations use bitcoin to laundering their money. If the organization who sell bitcoin has some kind of standard in place, I believe that bit coin can rise up again with stability. If not, the rise will never happen.

  5. Ok, when the digital world crashes and the internet world is compromised the value is Zero. Cash or gold is and silver is king. Bit coin is set to fail and world economy will crash. Nothing is ever secure remember that. In order to trade a tangible exchange is needed not just you're word. This will be the biggest scam in the world. A penny will have more value then the imaginary bitcoin when it come to trade. purchase.

  6. I remember when "experts" said bitcoin will reach $20,000 by 2018. What a load of BS. All cryptocurrency is worthless until the day the IMF officially recognizes it. Literally any tech savvy person can create their own cryptocurrency which can and will saturate the market in cryptocurrency. We already saw this happening when people started buying joke cryptocurrencies like Doge Coin. In a likely scenario, the IMF will just issue their own cryptocurrency and declare that as the true cryptocurrency our money will be based on. Until then, bitcoin will just be an overpriced commodity valuable to those who are desperate to make a quick buck and for those who like to buy things in the deep web.

  7. Bitcoin doesnt have an intrinsic value. Its value only exists in providing an anonym finance system. There is no government guaranteing that this currency will be used to trade goods on certain markets. You have to bluntly guess how big the proportion of trades will be, that are using bitcoin as a currency.

  8. There's just no way BTC could ever be worth one million dollars per coin. First issue is liquidity: there are whales that have over 50,000 coins, so that would become $50,000,000,000… how would you liquidate that for the fiat we still need everywhere? And what of the early adopters that have 100,000 BTC?

  9. the strategy Im implementing is just having a small, regular BTC/ETH buys. I think consistency is the way to work in such volatile market and 10% in my opinion the the MAX exposure that I would be able to accept.

  10. Bitcoin will remain roughly around the value of the electricity and hardware to produce it, and to facilitate transactions between it, so it will track with inflation. This is because there is utility value in bitcoin as an anonymous honorary value store, whose stability is based on the fact that it is extremely hard to impossible to counterfeit. But it will not really much leave that lane. This is because there is a fundamental thing underlying currency, and, even when we had a gold standard, this same thing underlies the gold in a gold standard: debt.

    All society is based on debt, in essence, the debts declared legitimate by the entity which has a monopoly on violence in a local area. When you have a tiny tribe of like 100 people, you don't need formal debts. All of the debt in society is in the invisible ledger inside the brains of everyone in society: you FEEL like you owe stuff to society and they feel like they owe stuff to you. If you are a real asshole, your asset of goodwill that your tribe will have towards you shrinks as your debt of stopping being an asshole to society grows, and, when you cannot pay back that debt and go "bankrupt", i.e. the tribe kicks you out or kills you because you pissed them off too much.

    But, eventually a few things start happening: tribes grow beyond Dunbar's Number, and those tribes start to be more capable in warfare, up to the point where they can heavily enslave other populations. These tribes obviously can't rack up general debts based in goodwill, and each person in a society no longer has direct ties to every other person in society, so people trust eachother less, so they have to establish a formal standard of debt that the society is willing to capitulate to. Gold and silver come in as that store of value because it is very hard to procure and refine, and it does not have much value within the lives of those who tend to procure and refine it. It's value is artificially created by the fact that your conquerors have demanded that you mine it and give it to them, or they will kill you. Even when you are not a slave, you are a subject, and have to pay taxes in gold. Even if you are just passing through town, everyone in town wants gold to pay in taxes to their ruler, so they will accept your gold as taxes

    After a few thousand years, what then happens is that everyone, including you, forgets that underlying fact, and it just seems like gold has this completely inexplicable value, but it isn't inexplicable, it is directly tied to the underlying force in society. As you see, because you only really need force to back up a store of value, once you get to the point where you can more cheaply print hard to copy banknotes and make hard to hack bank accounts, you no longer need this inherently hard to produce commodity to back up your debts, all you need is an arbitrary unit which is a token signifier of that underlying forced debt, and that is why U.S. Dollars are worth something: because there are millions of U.S. businesses who have to pay taxes in USD in order to survive in The United States, so those people are desperate for USD. That then creates an exchange value which reverberates through USD wherever they are: Have USD in England? Well, maybe The English Government won't take USD, but someone in The U.S. will be happy to export some of their valuable services to you for that USD. And even if you don't want that, other people in England do, so they will be more than happy to trade you like 50-55 pounds for $100 US.

    Bitcoin could only achieve currency status if The U.S. Government started demanding taxes in it, but why would it? It controls its own dollars more easilly, and the population with it, and it U.S. Dollars are just way cheaper to make and manage, because you don't have to waste a bunch of money on redundant cryptography in order to verify its transactions: all you need is a secure infrastructure to transport money, and the U.S. Government can secure it by as much force as it needs to use.

  11. One year later (May 14, 2020) – Bitcoin = $9638. Up 15% year over year, but quite a bit of volatility (high = $13,796, Low = $4,107). It would be surprising to see it hit $100k before the end of 2020 at this point, but who can tell :}

  12. utter BS.
    Bitcoin is not unique. Anybody can make a replica of it at any point iin time and even call it Bitcoin2. that would compete with Bitcoin. So it's not limited circulation. It's unlimited circulation.

  13. LOL dude 1:27…… that's pyrite. Regardless, an interesting video with a nice Babe Ruth prediction, and I like the Kardashev scale cameo, big ideas need big models, although the details you laid out are a little rough. The Kardashev scale measures energy output, not what the species can use, but what it does use. XD so if we output the resources of a type 1 civ using coal, nat gas, oil, or nuclear we're not really taking our planet's sustainability into account, type 0 mindset. I sincerely hope bitcoin gets to a million dollars a coin, XD I just hope gold gets there first, but that's relative considering Bitcoin is based off of dollars, which is based off of gold, which is based off of labor, impossible to compare. Is $10,000 worth of gold worth $10,000 worth of bitcoin? Or will Rhodium win out? Juggle the world, the power of one is insignificant compared to the power of two.

  14. this was a great video. i am new to this but had a question. when world currency switches over to crypto, will cash just translate over to bc. like if i had 30k dollars, would that get me 2bc. or will dollar just collapse and people who dont invest will start from scratch/

  15. Hey Andrei I recommend you check out this Medium article about Stock to flow ratio on how the halving that was recently announced for bitcoin means that the total bitcoins rewarded for mining is reduced and that the market cap of 21 Million in circulation will eventually come to an end. Meaning its deflationary rather and has very similiar stock to flow ratio as Gold but without the physical inconvenience of it.

  16. Gold is easy to counterfeit, at that point I switched off. Bitcoin has a serious identity crisis problem, it wants to be like Gold (y’know like genuinely scarce) but folks keep coming up with copies, a bit like someone coming with Gold lite. . . . and ultimately government will come up with the ultimate government sanctioned copy using blockchain. Why?. . . because there’s no way that any sovereign government is going to allow a non government sanctioned currency to take over. The blockchain is the future for sure but no one (& I mean no one) can explain to me why Bitcoin is so special that it should be regarded as a store of value, it’s just not that scarce.

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