BitGo's CEO reveals how the crypto universe is fixing bitcoin

Is bitcoin’s demise greatly exaggerated? Crypto’s complicated relationship with Wall Street. With Mike Belshe, BitGo CEO, CNBC’s Bob Pisani and Melissa Lee, …


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  3. strap in guys, coins will be moooning soooon ! BitGo’s multi-signature wallets and custody solutions will be integrated into the Formosa Financial platform – another startup for one-stop shop for digital asset mgmt

  4. Since big tech like facebook, google, etc. banned bitcoin it keeps the average person away from the currency, couple that with the regulatory hurdles and crypto seems a few years before it will be able to grow consistently and steadily. There's a dip now, but I think it's worth holding on to some coins in anticipation of its eventual large adoption.

  5. Goldnsacks(& they realy are) NFD of BTC is the next shitcoin laulz that will attract only the fools & greedy. A real pump & dump honey pot… Who wants to own bitcoins that do not exist?? HAHAHAHA old fools. GET MYCELIUM WALLET & YOUR OWN REAL BITCOINS!!!! & ETC & ADA.

  6. No bitcoin doesnt need capital , it need adoption. Its not a damn pozi scheme that is driven only by new capital . More users need to start using the network to make real world payments, that would increase the amount/volume of capital flowing through the network hence increasing its unit price.

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  8. Wall street needs bitcoin more than bitcoin needs wall street.
    Governments need bitcoin more than bitcoin needs governments.
    Not much space left on the life raft.

  9. The currency of the deep dark web. Great for drug dealers, selling stolen merchandise and sex peddlers. The cryptoanarchists still have to rely on the global banks for legitimacy.

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