BitMEX Guide & Tutorial – Margin Bitcoin Exchange For Beginners 2019

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  1. i dont understand, is it possible to bet that bitcoin is going up, for example I bet 100€ , that it will be at a higher price in a day from now on ? If so what the betting ratio ?

  2. I would appreciate if you could explain the meaning of auto deleveraging. My current long position is deep in the money with more than 2x gains on my margin already. But along with such gains, my priority in the ADL queue has increased to 4 out of 5 colored bars which implies that my position could soon be deleveraged. Does this mean my position would get liquidated at the current price at the time my priority in the ADL queue would reach the top 1 percentile? Because for now im under the impression that if i hold a position with 50x leverage on my margin when BTC is at USD 11k and i wait for it to increase to USD 17k, I can make a percent gain close to 2700% or 27 times on my margin due to the leveraged position. Reading up on the ADL feature on their website makes me believe that it blocks the potential for one to make gains of this quantum and kinda caps your gains at a level which is much lower, say capped at gains ranging from 200% – 400% which is still great IMO. Bitmex doesnt really explain this very well, would appreciate if you could

  3. Why so you want to buy at higher price than market if ur going long? You buy at 4050 and if go up 4060 didn't you just make money? Now if you buy at 4060 you have to wait to go 4070 to make money correct?

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