1. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has filed a lawsuit against controversial crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX.

    The plaintiff, BMA LLC, has accused BitMEX’s parent arm HDR Global Trading Limited and co-founders Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, and Samuel Reed of engaging in wire frauds, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

    The BitMEX team has posted no statements on the latest scandal.


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  3. Heads up that you're pronouncing "perpetual" wrong. It's pronounced with the "ch" sound inside, not the "t" sound. In other words, the right pronunciation is "perpeCHUal".

  4. The insurance fund is not all of the liquidated money, nor is it bitmex "net worth"/capital value

    It stems from the residual margin of liq'd positions, the "liquidation buffer" For example, 100x longs get liquidated when they lose half their margin.
    The insurance fund is also only used in case liquidations can't get filled so there is a loss market liquing them.

  5. I placed a sell market order short position of $149 USD with 100x leverage when Bitcoin was at 8070 and it went down to 7999… The tracking tool said my return on equity was over 100% and when I sold, my account only increased by two dollars…

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  7. Hello Sunny Decree. Thanks for all your good contents! After seeing this video I enjoyed playing with Bitmex test for one month. I wanted to start a real account and I'm surprised to see that they don't ask me to provide a copy of my ID and don't make address verification… Is this normal? Did you ever had issue to withdraw BTC from Bitmex?

  8. Hi, I did a test on testnet.bitmex. On my testaccount I initially got 0.01 bitcoin. After testing my balance is 0.00106 bitcoin instead an expected value of 0.00123 bitcoin.
    What Did I miss?

    I bought 80 contracts when the price was 8756 us dollars.
    So 0.0087 in my position and 0.0013 left as available balance. The leverage was set on x7.
    I sold using the market button when the price was 9140 US dollars.
    100 / 8756 * 9140 = 4.4% higher price.
    4.4% x7 = 30%. (ROE indicated around 27.83% on bitmex probably because of fees etc? so I'll stick to that)
    After selling I now have a total of 0.0106 bitcoin. I expected a total balance around:
    0.0013 + (0.0087 * 1.27) = 0.0123 bitcoin.
    I'd like to know what I'm missing before I try it for real.

  9. Hi Sunny. If your position is already „green“ it’s easy. Just do what your said in the video. The most complicated part is the position entry. Maybe you can do a video on that. Thanks for your good work and greez from Vienna, Austria.

  10. Hi Sunny. I enjoy this video but nevertheless I have a quick question. If I increase my leverage to take profit as you suggested with a stop loss above the new liquidation price. Will I loose money if my stop loss is triggered?

  11. If I understood correctly, Bitmex's largest single source of revenue comes from user liquidations? If they share user data with their trading desk this could be a conflict of interest.

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  13. This isn't a bitmex tutorial! You didn't actually show how to change the liq price, and you didn't show how to set up stop losses.

  14. for example as shown in he video you changed leverage time to time for example I'm in profit of 100% with 25x leverage so now the price is keep going up and I will change it to 100x leverage so my profit is 400%?? If yes why we just change the leverage to maximum and take higher profit and exit from the trade

  15. hey sunny, I want to learn how to use Bitmex and I didn't get one thing you said

    lets say I'm opening a short position with 10x leverage. Over time the price keeps falling – so I'm in profit. When I rise my leverage up to 25x the liquiditation price get closer to the current price, right? So if I get liquidated because of the 25x leverage I should still be in profit according to the entry price. Do I still lose my money or do I earn the profit between the liquidation price of the 25x leverage and my entry point?

    I hope I was able to describe my thinking process easily

    thx for the video

  16. Dumb question….. Can you make a limit order to long, above the current price….( as in the other side of a resistance point. )….cheers man …Thanks for all your videos

  17. Great content but one doubt for me when we are in profit and at that time if we increase the leverage upto my knowledge there will be no extra profit but only the liqudation price will increase.We will be in profit only if we increase the size of position.The same will be if we decrease the leverage when we are in loss it will not affect the loss but only decrease the liquidation price.Can anyone pls confirm it

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