Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin and 179 Altcoins!

Why do I prefer for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies after using several other top exchanges? Will you watch this Bittrex tutorial from May …


  1. so many coins! Who needs so many? Ive noticed that if I am trading more than 4 at a time I lose track and cant focus well enough to ensure winnings. Granted I am not on Bittrex, I prefer Bitseven but still.

  2. Your full of bullshit. how do you buy and sell on a ten point spread which is fixed. You are a little bit out of touch since the futures market took over and so much for decentralization.

  3. hi, please tell me if you can, why I can not log in after this appearance change. The e-mail and password work, but when I write the code from google authenticator, I write that the code is not up to date to write to check the synchronization of the google authenticator. I have cleaned the browser and reset the authenticator and nothing. Still the same, other browsers also the same

  4. The best way to make money on Bittrex is to connect bibitbot! You will receive notifications about the purchase and sale of coins. This is a bot for arbitration between exchanges, very profitable. Jerry, if you know this subject, make a video and tell us what you think about it!

  5. Thank you Mr Scott, now i see the reason why everyone is spreading your name on every blog and media, calling you a trade god, i wish every trader can be so nice and kind like you, thank you sir for sharing your great strategy with me, i just made my first $18k within the first week of trading with your strategy, Am grateful sir.

  6. You have to be careful. No one will tell you the truth. Fact is that most of the binary options softwares do not work well and basically they are proven scams. I burned my account and lost my hard earned money several times. Eventually I found my desired one==>> ). It worked for me and works fast to achieve quick profit. I am happy to find and trade with such a trading tool. It is fairly able to make decent and consistent profit. I have never come across like this in my 5 years long trading career.

  7. Can we sell at price more than from what is the highest bid? in other words, can we determine the price to sell? who determines the price in bid and ask?

    I bought 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00225313 and the total cost of purchase was 0.00601612 BTC.
    I sold the same 2.66345037 ETC at 0.00226088 but was credited with only 0.00600671 BTC.
    Note the SP is higher than the BP yet I apparently got even less than I bought.
    I raised this issue with Bittrex support but haven't received any response in 5 days, despite multiple attempts to contact them.
    This may seem like a small amount, but consider if it happens on a much larger scale (multiple times/accounts) or on much larger sums.

  9. Hi guys, I would like to create a Bittrex account, but I have always received the message that the maximum number of accounts has been reached and today it is not possible to create an account. Please help me to obtain a bittrex account asap

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