Blessing Loom Illegal?! Find out! and Don’t get scammed!

Is the Blessing Loom Illegal? Don’t Get Scammed! A good scam goes by many names. Blessing loom, blessing circle, gifting circle, circle money, family and …


  1. Ouch! Love how you said ‘victim’ for those in a Ponzi scheme. My hairdresser asked me to join something and I’m now figuring it’s the same thing — a blessing loom. I never joined as it had seemed like a pyramid scheme doomed to fail. Never thought about the illegal aspect, though. Thanks for sharing. This was definitely enlightening. Yeah. Now I know for a fact!

  2. NEVER before heard of the blessing loom. I didn’t realize you were Jamaican, K. I knew your mom is, but didn’t … This sounds like ‘partner ‘. That’s very popular in Jamaica.

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