Blockchain 101 | What is Blockchain Technology? | Blockchain Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

This “Blockchain 101” video will help you understand what is Blockchain, what is Bitcoin, why Blockchain, how does Blockchain work, applications of Blockchain, …


  1. how is it possible to modify a transaction? I thought transaction made in the blockchain stay there in the block and noone can change it. Are we talking about specific blockchain network? thanks!

  2. I believe there may be an error in the statement and slide at 13:35.

    You mention that if the nonce is less than the target value the process is repeated. Isn’t this incorrect as the hash generated by the miners has to be less than the target value?
    Also how do the miners know what the target value is? What is this Target Value?

  3. It is a great video which was very helpful for a non techie to understand the concepts of blockchain. To make it even better, it would be great if the instructor does not read off the slides – it is kind of insulting to the viewer because we can very well read the slides. Instead, the instructor could add more information related to the slide to make it an impressive presentation.

  4. This is the best Video I came through to understand, what blockchain is… It was really Helpful for everyone thanks @Simplilearn, Keep making such intro videos.

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