Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED

Blockchain, the key technology behind Bitcoin, is a new network that helps decentralize trade, and allows for more peer-to-peer transactions. WIRED challenged …


  1. So if everyone’s computer stores the database for the entire block chain network. Does it take everybody a big chunk of storage space? Why would I spend my computer to store a collective data? I’d just go with eBay or something..

  2. She’s got a background in global governance and cultural diplomacy, but not so much in technology. How does she end up to be an expert in blockchain? Answer: the name Warburg!

  3. i've talked people into investing in bitcoin as the financial opportunities it holds are immeasurable. account management is the best option for traders who have no time to handle trades or has got issues as a beginner.

  4. she is smart and a good communicator…i dont understand why people r so focused on her oitfit instead of what she says or hate on her for no reason

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