1. Thanks for the explanation, I found it very helpful for someone who has no blockchain background. A less surprising ending like a conclusion could've made it even better.

    Thanks nonetheless.

  2. I understand the importance of privacy for a permissioned blockchain, but how does such a blockchain stop the retailer & the shipping company from seeing all information?

  3. I’m looking for a good video to help a friend of mine learn about blockchain . I’m not a noob by any means and I can tell you I had a hard time understanding what the hell you were talking about . After only 1 minute the average person would most likely abandon your explanation to never return again . You have done an injustice to the space and the progress we all hope to achieve . Terrible !

  4. makes sense until 4:40 then it all falls apart as an explanation. what is a client? what are transactions submitted to? to a node? where do nodes pick transactions from? is it one transation per block? now it looks like it's more than one in a block. what are you validating if you are still picking the next block to add? what does unlocking the position of the next block mean? that a node gets to pick? is the position a number, it sounds like there is more to it. It sounds to me you can only understand from this video if you already know.

  5. This is utterly useless to me, I'm afraid. I stopped watching after a couple of minutes, totally lost in incomprehensible technicalities and terminology. Can you recommend an explanation that starts at a much lower level, please? Why use blockchain as opposed to other 'ordinary' methods? What are the advantages, if any, of using blockchain? What alleged problems does it avoid or solve? What use is it, if you need a degree in IT to understand it?

  6. How will a permissioned blockchain reach a consensus.. if some part of it must be kept private only for a few people to be able to access that information?

  7. The point that is buried is this: why a blockchain is needed? For example, what role does a blockchain play in determining if all the condition for a shipment are met? Isn't this just a simply check?

  8. Amazing well described this complex topic , especially the difference between public and "private" block chains has been pointed out very well. I was always asking myself, how block chain wants to become so successful in a world where transparancy is often requested but not implemented….now I know. Thank you!

  9. A permissioned blockchain is a misnomer of blockchain. If it is permissioned, it is not blockchain. It already exists and existed before web 1.0. All of the features exist and are in use today and have been in use for the last 40+ years before the internet, when large corporations had their intranet, and before then as hard-paper copy audit trails. Part of the definition of blockchain is that it is permissionless. You had your Freudian slip when you first misspelled "Privacy".

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