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This “Blockchain Technology Explained” video will help you understand what is Blockchain technology, issues with banking system, how bitcoin solved the …


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  2. Hey how will digital money spend twice?? Since all transfers are part of transaction, transaction is successful only if it is consistent . Then in that case the we can't send 2 times 500 dollors if we have only 800 dollars. Can you explain what does this double spending means

  3. Hlo sir plzz u sound little bit fast with ur words nd video slow it little then it will be perfect actually new block chain concept is difficult understand nd videos feel fast

  4. Sir, now we having upi app,Google pay, and many more payment method by which we don't have to pay extra charges on transaction instead we get money back as some rewards. Google is one of the trusted company and provides a secure platform for transaction so why we need blockchain or how block chain is better.
    and if blockchain have a potential to maintain our economy system then plzz make video on it and one more ques..that does the meaning of blockchain only relates to Bitcoin or any other crypto?

  5. Thank u sir for explaining us.
    But i have a doubt what if the miner make a wrong calculation in hashing
    Then what will happen
    And also why we have to pay transaction fee,if we pay transaction fee then isn't good to go for banking

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