Blockchain tutorial 27: Bitcoin raw transaction and transaction id

This is part 27 of the Blockchain tutorial. This tutorial explains: – What Bitcoin raw transaction is. – Shows an example of a raw transaction using the very first …


  1. still it is bit not clear, how to sign the transaction? which algorithm is used for transaction signature? what will be the HTTP POST request body to broadcast ещ network? and how signature is included there …

  2. Hello

    I saw in your video number 27 you showed how to give a newly generated coin value.
    A few years ago I did a treasure hunt mining process. I have seen newly generated coins show up in my wallet. I have been unable to process them and was unsure of any value. Your explanation seems like it is what I need to do to give the coin value.

    I down loaded python 3.5.3 and node.js 8.93 and installed the bitcoin lib along with the other installs on your site for the node install. I’m getting error messages when I try to do the same thing you did. I used your example as a practice. I'm unsure of my python skills. I need an easy way to do this.

    When I look at a transaction from an address in my wallet the scripts are different from what you explained. I read something which said in a coinbase coin there will be no scriptsig. Would you know which scripts to use in the Hexadecimal value? I have included a transaction numbers below the values seem confusing. Would you know how to and what values to use to process the coins.



  3. Hi….
    Can you explain detail for get Private Key….
    because, we cant make raw transaction if No have private key….
    or, can you show the video how het phrase from address blockchain..
    or,anything else for easy make raw transaction.

     I try all instruction,But need private key…

    Thanks a lot

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