BOOM! Ilhan Omar’s Prison Sentence Just Got Closer after Veritas Drops SECOND Bomb on Her FRAUD

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  1. Why are local police investigating this? These are federal crimes the FBI needs to take care of this or cant we trust them either? What a mess this has become probably been going on for years . Why we had 12 years of dems in office

  2. Wake up America they’re doing that all over the country the Dems the other thing they’re doing I just got a note from credit karma to make sure my ballot and I was signed up and it says that I can Get a ballot I don’t need ID or after I signed the ballot I don’t have to prove it to me what the hell kind of crab stat the first thing the police do is ask you for your ID when they get pulled over the first thing you do to get on an airplane is you have to show your passport it should be the same for voting

  3. She should be locked up already they have enough of proof don't wait too long then she'll go back to her country she shouldn't even be in hours United States all of those people should be locked up that's involved in this

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