Bracing for the next Bitcoin Sell-Off

OPEN/EXPAND UP TO SEE DETAILS. So in this video I first cover the short-term 60-Day Cycle Details. Then i get into the long term outlook, the 4-year Cycle …


  1. Hello everyone. First, throw me a LIKE and a Subscription, it fuels me to create more video. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy this video. To be honest some of it is repetitive with prior videos. I can be repetitive at times because I like to hammer home important themes. It is also a function of long term investing, we're just not going to get too many changes on a week to week basis.

    Main take away here is MORE PATIENCE. Successful investing is a lot about conviction and patience.

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  3. I'm only leaving a comment here because in 3 years when the dumb money makes Bitcoin price go parabolic, I will come back to this video and look for this comment. Note to self: accumulate Bitcoin in in the next 2 years.

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