BREAKING: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) published their findings of their preferred Blockchain project between the Ethereum …


  1. Bitcoin definitely needs to be dumbed down. I know this because I’m an idiot and it took me ages to learn. Difference between me and most other people in the world is I was willing to learn something new, most people aren’t.

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  3. A lot of development is taking place behind the scenes. Not a big fan of R3 or Hyperledger, or private blockchain in general. It's good to know that Propy decided to move to Algorand's public blockchain this will be a trend where Private Blockchain are overhyped..

  4. With the increase in cryptocurrency adoption, there is a need for secure internet service which will be probably based on decentralized technology one such exciting project is Trias and this is due to its decentralization and top-notch security architecture.

  5. Let the banks and the whole current financial system burn to the ground. Let it collapse. We need a financial system with sound money. Money that cannot be manipulated, devalued or debased by any government

  6. R3 Corda, ahhh, another bankster blockchain. Yeahh…. lets keep those corrupt, market manipulating systems in place. What could go wrong, they counterfeited the USD into oblivion, and caused all the bubbles, and market booms and busts unlike any free market could ever achieve, since they were legislated into existence in 1913.

  7. The average person isn't obsessed about any and if they are it's their pet dog. This is what's hindering mass adoption.

    The average person is also the one and done type. If they say or do something once and it doesn't work they give up. How do we fix this.

  8. YO YO YO DOG!
    WTF man!
    I watch your videos and I keep hearing people say bitcoin needs to be simple!
    then I hear the parrots repeat it over and over again!
    Well let me tell you that what your saying is a lie!
    I am a old guy, so I know what is going on because I've been threw it before.
    before there was CC or debt cards, before there was checking account or saving account.
    You just had a bank account, you went to the bank when you need money to buy stuff. This is
    where bitcoin is. Everyone wasnt complaining about bank account being hard to use. How long
    did the banking system have to make stuff easier to use? But until they did people used it.
    Here is the problem the banking system are putting roadblocks in the way of using crypto. 20 year later
    you have all the stuff we do now and I know there was a time standing in line waiting to pay when someone
    in from of me pulled out there CC or debit card. well I can tell you that it wasnt faster than paying cash!
    So when you keep saying that stuff about how hard crypto is to use I remember how hard a bank account
    was to use for my mom and dad! There is more I can say but all you got to do is ask the older people and they will tell you.
    So please stop with the disinformation.

  9. Please change the title to BREAKING NEWS! Digital Asset News Desperately Seeks Views through Misleading Clickbait Titles. Only Gets 31k Views at the Expense of His Integrity! You could probably add more exclamation points and all caps to that title. Good luck (sigh).

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