BTC & altcoins price forecast (18 jun 2019)

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  2. Thank you for that great video again. But i have to ask. Why don´t you mention XRP very often. Is there something up with this? Best regards from Germany.

  3. Good video. Expecting long term uptrend to continue. Bitcoin halving hype another day closer……

    PS Interesting report recently from Coinshares that 75% of Bitcoin mining is from renewables hydro/wind/solar🌿🌤

  4. Well, the 20wMA has finally crossed the 50wMA. That has been a one-time event in previous cycles. That's very good. On the other hand, it looks as if June becomes the fifth green month in a row. No signs of a major pullback. That's already rare. A sixth is extremely unlikely. As always, the market is not giving away invitations for free.

  5. Interesting viewpoint, but I'm seeing the exact opposite when it comes to sentiment. Everybody I see lately has been talking about bitcoin this and bitcoin that, bitcoin is king, its sickening actually. Every crypto video title starting with BTC or bitcoin too, including this one lol (except for litecoin lately). I still agree with you anyway though I don't think altcoins will go much farther until after the first major market washout at least

  6. I learnt from last bull market buy and hold is best strategy. Crypto is too volitle to guess with trading. Btc could be at 20k in 3 months. No point to risk, choose favorites and hold them for a 10 to 20 x

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