BTC Bitcoin May 19 Morning Update – Specific Plays, Setups, Strategy.

Please be sure to see my blog where it has tons of charts, and I’d also appreciate an upvote on my work if it’s helped you. …


  1. Why don’t you keep your old video lessons up? I know you have the new ones coming that you have to pay for, but some of us can’t pay that, even if it’s consider cheap. The other ones are already made and seems odd that you would take them down just to make us buy the new ones.

  2. Quotes of the day! "You got to get your triangles together!" & "Oprah:"Triangles for you!, Triangles for you!" … lol … love your videos, they are not only very educational, but they are also very entertaining. thank you

  3. hey philakone im 17 and just getting into ta, i finished reading the elliot wave principle by prechter and was wondering what else you read. I also watched your free vids (tutorials) (they were fucking awesome) and was just wondering if your gonna build up from that base or just re explain it? Also if you want o check out my prediction on bitcoin its pretty similar to yours if you wanna check it out definetly not as good as yours but yeah lol. thanks man you're awesome :))

  4. Thank you for your hard work, I think that you are brilliant. I would respectfully comment that I also like Haejin very much. You should consider letting your TA speak for itself. The two of you may be arriving at the same conclusion independently, yet in the end your conclusions are nearly identical. There is room in EWT for different paths. And above all, Haejin never ever denigrates the work of others. You and he are amongst a scant handful of TA's that I trust. Keep up the good work, man. You should be very proud of your intelligence!

  5. thanks for your GENEROSITY to share your knowledge and your kindness for educationally contribute to the crypto community. You are one of very few remaining free of charge TA and TA education. Most of those TA charters provide enough TA on twitters and youtube to get enough followers to build their paid-services, and their charges are not cheap! Again, my sincere appreciations for your generosity!!!!

  6. u need the whale votes in steem… to make more $ …. 300/400+ vote counts is very good in steem i think… haejin got few whales as his pet

  7. Looking forward to your lessons. Couldn't you start selling it before it's complete? I'm ready to start watching what you available now. I personally trust you to complete it.

  8. thx from europe…. think before may 24th nothing important will happen and then first go up… sooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooong 🙂

  9. I'm sorry great sir I can't beat you in TA or dota2. But you could explain to me what a 'laddering zone' is. Im padawan waiting for the material, could be paied in crypto right?

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