BTC005: Bitcoin & Michael Saylor – A Masterclass in Economic Calculation

On today’s show, billionaire Michael Saylor discusses his big move into Bitcoin. Additionally, he goes into detail on how he conducts economic calculation …


  1. A big thank you to you, it's super nice to have put our YouTube channels forward 👊

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  3. Energy, energy, energy…the world we live in was built on cheap, energy dense resource that is in decline and consumption of it is only increasing hence the need to dematerialuze ie digitize.

  4. Cryptocurrencies and stock investments are proving to be the future of finance, have you imagined if Elon Musk had not invested in Tesla stocks, maybe he wont have been the richest man in the world today. The world is evolving, follow it or be left behind!

  5. Fantastic interview! How many people have an opportunity to learn, uninterrupted, from someone who manages so much money successfully, while speaking to the average investor in such an empowering manner and explains economics so simply!

  6. Anyone have more information on the fold card with bitcoin rewards? Looks like they havnt released the card yet so not sure how Preston would have it. Also the spin the wheel thing seems gimmicky but I’m open to people that have experience with fold

  7. I don’t know who needs to hear this, you’ve got to stop saving money to buy luxurious and exotic cars. Invest your money wisely to get richer, buy crypto currencies, gold and so many others if you really want financial success

  8. Wrong title. Should just be "A MasterClass". Great great interview! Well done. Preston…'re a great interviewer….you let the guest speak, no interrupting, and the conversation flows.

  9. Simply put it , the stock market and real estate needs a major correction , not being bailed by the fed ….
    Bail out just give more wealth to the top 1%
    With much lower Prices , the US dollar regain massive value in purchasing power .

    It should help immensely the real economy and Main Street too since having not much anyway , at least they regain lot of purchasing power with lower price around them

  10. alot of assumptions……………………………Main Thrust is bring in Big Money funds….
    smart guy…but this whole thing gets very fishy 1hr 30 min in…….. salesmanship at its finest after 1 hr……

    precious metals make far more sense.

  11. Don’t get me wrong saylor as good vision but there is a lot of kool-aid too in his talk …

    I hope some will realize lot of bitcoin value derive from the fact that the US dollar is very weak .
    Look at March when the US dollar goes up ….

  12. Preston, what an informative class for everyone. Michael Saylor is absolutely brilliant, I dare you to find someone who can articulate Bitcoin strategies better….good luck and thank you.

  13. In these strangest of times it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the biggest investment winners has nothing to do with real money. It is 'cryptocurrency' Bitcoin. But investment experts are divided over whether its recent surge in price can be sustained While some, such as asset manager Ruffer, have embraced it within their investment portfolios, others fear it could be heading for a sharp fall – as happened in early 2018. Last month, Bitcoin broke through the $20,000 (£14,870) barrier for the first time, before rising even higher at the start of the New Year – it went above $29,600 (£21,645) on January 1. It is nearly four times its value at the start of 2020 when it traded at $7,175 (£5,320). A decade ago, you could buy it for 7p. With all this happening in the bitcoin department of crypto currency it should be clear enough that bitcoin is taking over in the crypto business and someone wise should invest but at same time have the knowledge of how to trade and that is why I had to communicate to a professional who has helped me with his daily trade signals Mr. Burwell Coleman. His trade signals are as accurate as you can ever think and he does provide good advise too to see you successful in this business. Go ahead and contact him using his Gm@il {burwellcolemanfinance@gmailcom} and Telepram (burwellcoleman) for any further inquiry on crypto trading with great results.

  14. Michael is a genius: bought most of $1billion of btc at about $18k.. as of writing this comment, btc is at $32.3k. And this is just the beginning of a run up to $100k at least. Wow 🤩.

  15. One of the best interviews, an Education and for zero cost. Thank you very much for this educational interview. On Monday I will buy 100 shares and 10 lots Dec2021 $200 calls and sell $450 puts.

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