Buckle Up: Billionaires Disclose the Generational Trade in Gold and Silver –Kaplan, Beaty and Katusa

Gold and silver are correcting from their recent highs. If you’re new to the party, you’re probably worried. This is not the first washout rodeo – nor will it be the last.


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  2. Is the first time what I see yo Ross Beaty, only to say him what here in Perú I have a gold project with small works with good results in recently whole what we have done…Yes I know him great history

  3. I don't understand why you even talk about Warren Buffet and care what he does. I never liked the man and what he represents. He is the prime example for "eating the cake and have it too". Waste of a human being…..Don't get me started on Soros and Gates……pathetic. Let them all eat their Gold and Silver…..

  4. Nice Video here, bitcoin mining has been my major means of massive income ever since i started trading with Mr Ernest Vincent, His amazing strategy has grown my wallet hugely this past two weeks.

  5. Gold is called money a hedge safety, moves with inflation, interest rates… but why does it seem increasingly true that spot moves up and down with the general stock market. Is it still the safety asset it claims to be

  6. Daniela Cambone / Stansberry Research video says things are quite startling now, in terms of GOLD!!
    ( and silver, the poor mans' gold- but so with so many USES!)
    BOLD face names are recent gold proponents ; a beautiful buffet of validators, cause GOLD is now a smart $$ trade , not a passive trade anymore…

    Warren BUFFET ….& ..Mohamed El Erian ( Allianz chief economic advisor)…
    Ray Dalio…and …Mark Mobius…Mobius Capital Partners
    ..Ken Rogoff Harvard.University economist ..and .
    Jeff gunblogg…..Paul Tudor Jones….Billionaire investor says gold is #1 trade
    It's past time now to be afraid, just think of the supply and demand and the fact GOLD is being pushed by strong tailwinds now and it's time to ride the trend‼️
    All this from Thomas Kaplan of Nova Gold and the Electum Group, in Danielas' video
    Macros are really underdeveloped and the gold grade is only 50% of what it used to be
    Its time TO BUY given the present political and economic circumstances.
    You can and should be your own banker, these days, Kaplan continued to say in the Stansberry video, with Daniela Cambone.

    See what these NAMES have to say. They are not shy on their YouTube videos.

    When P.M.s dip…..🚱.,

    Egon Von Greyerz " Crypto is an uneasy fit!!"
    ( Swiss resource capital)

    Tiny BTC market cap' easy to manip'

    Asset class diversification is a sinking ship!

    U.S. Treasuries are shit,

    Hi purity silver is gone!
    Keith Neumeyer @Kitco, said it

    Dealers ☢ are a rip,

    The DOJ is a coin flip,

    J.P. MORGAN a bad trip..( shudder )

    Hating Congress' tight grip

    And " Experts " flip !

    Ponzi Paper cant power the ✴U.S.A. Frankenstein Monetary Policies pieced together by different administrations ❇
    Read the tea leaves! QE1 ok, QE2 yikes QE Infinity!!〽️‼️
    That's it!

    Diego.Parrilla wrote The.Anti.Bubbles and @28:00 in this hugely acclaimed video says that in your game to be a winner on the pitch ( in these BUBBLES) you need offense, with 5% of your $$ as # call options to obtain out-sized returns
    and you need defense #puts . This is the balance you must have. You can have strikers on the bench ready to join in #cash.
    Not all shots on the net will be goals, but the returns will be amazing .
    This all from Real.Vision Finance Aug' 25,2020

    Do you know how to safely store your P.M.s?
    Under the floor out of site is best but have decoy junk metal chunks under the floors too. All over the house so a metal detector is useless.
    Invest in a gun safe decoy and a good looking lock so thieves will escape with worthless items!!
    And prepping for emergencies?
    Beans. Bandaids, bullets rice, coffee, sugar, fish mox, are good to prep!
    Store water! Just hide jugs, outdoors, all over the place, put a bit of bleach in to kill germs.
    Bleach is cheap at Dollar stores, and keeps rats away too, if sprinkled around.
    Get some exercise and refresh your water ev 8 months .
    Fresh water is invaluable and now.,., very cheap. Yes, don't let an earthquake wreck your family.
    Yeah.do it, cheaply, now!

  7. I'm encouraged by a lot of what these guys say because despite the slaughter it has taken over the last 4 or so weeks, my portfolio is exactly what I'd want it to be if I were to be cryogenically frozen for a year.

  8. The bankrobber Willy Sutton now has the honor of having a medical law named after him:
    "Sutton's law states that when diagnosing, one should first consider the obvious."

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