Build Your First Blockchain App Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity

Learn how to build a blockchain app using Etherium smart contracts in this full tutorial course for beginners. You will learn how to create a todo app with …


  1. hello great content. I have a question I know nothing about programming I’ve been a trader how can I find good blockchain programmers to start a project?

  2. thank you in advance for your perfect videos. Whenever I go to Bootcamp there is nothing there! just user name and email and then again nothing. I need to use the code there

  3. Why is it so important to have the same version of truffle as you? I got errors when I tried to install that particular version but could install the latest version ok.

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  5. Excellent video which pulls a lot of concepts together. Really needed this and feel my knowledge has supercharged forward!! Thankyou Greg -brilliant.

  6. Hy ! In toggleCompleted method, why I can't I access it directly by tasks[id].completed and then setting it to !tasks[id].completed ? What's the need of declaring it's datatype as 'Task' ?

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