BULLISH CHART REVEALS 13.000$ AFTER HALVING!!?? – Buy Bitcoin Or Wait?! – BTC Price Analysis

Welcome to Team Underground, I (Thomas) do weekly BTC price analysis on YouTube. I’ve been full time trading bitcoin for over a year now and I’ve decided to …


  1. I think we are in an ABC Elliot Wave correction, which you refer to as the falling wedge. The B wave always looks like a recovery until the C wave hits. i wouldnt expect to get any higher than 9600 then the C wave will start. Im bullish until then. Just my opinion

  2. There are still space on the triangle and the monthly still downward. Also bch, xrp still forming for its 100 ma. Still early or is bitcoin really going now?

  3. idk how people believe charts analysys works for crypto. bro if u ever predicted any price or any move, it was luck

  4. people always says btc is doing price discovery, could it be we already find it , that btc just worth around 6~7k, anything below that is undervalued and anything above that is overvalued, just like gold will finally settle in this range. from the top 20000—-14000—–10500—–10050, from the bottom 3100——3900———-maybe the next bottom is around 4500,

  5. Doesnt anyone see that broadening falling wedge in the weekly timeframe? Is see one or two more weeks up and then we will have a month or two of bearish downtrend

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